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When’s my partner ready for sexual experimentation?

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Whether you want to explore a fantasy or introduce sex toys, sexual experimentation in relationships is normal and healthy. You may decide you want to be his little princess and have him treat you like royalty, but he may not feel comfortable with this idea. In which case, you can come to a mutual agreement on where you want your sexual relationship to stray. Having fantasies doesn’t always mean mean all your desires will align to that of your partners, it’s always best to check in with your partner(s) before throwing down something a little out of your ordinary sexual ritual like this.

Our tips to checking in with your partner exploring likes and dislikes are:

#1 Talk

The best way to determine whether your partner is also ready to experiment is to sit down and have an honest discussion with them. Try doing this at neutral time. The heat of the moment can tend to complicate things, try sitting down during a calm moment together.

Have a talk about what some of your limits may be, both as partners and as individuals. Talk about how you might communicate when either of you feel like things have gone too far or you are uncomfortable.

Ensure that you both feel safe to say no at any time to each other.

#2 Consent

When your sexual activity involves others, it is vital you and all participants are consenting adults who are emotionally ready. Don’t follow a crowd, set your own limits. If it feels wrong for you or if you change your mind, speak up and say no. Your body, your rules. If you don’t want be a part of something, you are perfectly within your rights to remove yourself.

Consenting means person(s) of full mental faculties, engaging in the full act of their own free will, not under the influence of drugs or persuasion. See our consent blog for more info on this Consent Click Here.

If you are unsure about consent, stop.

#2 Enjoy The Ride

But most of all- enjoy exploring your sexuality alone or with a partner. Be playful and curious, unashamed and adventurous. Be safe, and let the good times roll.

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