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What you should know about anal sex

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Remembering and practicing a few key items and you will be on your way to a new world.

“Anal is like brussel sprouts, an acquired taste” Cyndi Darnell 

  1. Consent – ensure all sexual activities are only ever between consenting adults LINK to consent
  2. Communicate – Communication is exceptionally important in all stages of anal sex
    • Prior to anal sex, talk to your partner to ensure you’re both signed up for the same activity.
    • During anal sex, ensure the person being penetrated is the one in control. Consider your position to ensure this control. Ensure you talk to each other about the force, speed, and depth of penetration.
  3. Lubricate – This is one of those acts where there is always time for lubricant. The anus is not self-lubricating and absorbs moisture, hence you will require lubrication. Ensure you are using water-based lubricants with latex condoms, due to condom detrition NEVER use petroleum based or oil based lubricants e.g. vaseline, massage oil latex. We recommend NOT using any lubrications containing numbing properties, as the body’s natural responses to pain assist in protecting you. Dry penetration can cause lesions in the fine skin tissue, if a lesion or tear occurs in the anal area seek medical advice immediately.
  4. Patience – Take your time, allow the person being penetrated to lead the charge. Focus on the journey of enjoying each stage, not having a finish line. Take time (sometimes many months) to work our way to the size of a penis or dildo being inserted into your anus. Starting with a well lubricated finger is a great way to explore with sensation and get the anus used to something smaller. If you’re using intimate toys (see warning below), start small and work your way up when and if you desire.
  5. Protection – The penetration of any orifice, anal, vaginal, and oral, comes with a risk of transmitting STI’s & STD’s. So, we strongly recommend using latex condoms during anal sex. If the professionals on Watch My GF can use condoms, then so should you!
  6. Hygiene
    • Never change from anal penetration to vaginal penetration without changing condom or washing the penetrating object totally. See hygiene.
    • If using fingers ensure you wash your hands very well prior and after anal play.
    • If you choose to douche (cleaning faecal matter from the anal area) be mindful of how much you do this, as over douching can have health implications. Douching is a personal preference, but we do not sell douching kits because we all know, milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner…
    • And with this in mind the area has a unique fragrance which will over time impregnate your intimacy toys, so we recommend always using them with a condom to reduce this.


  • Check you have matched your lubrication to your protection (see above under lubrication),
  • Never place anything inside your anus which you cannot hold onto, the anus mussels are very strong especially during orgasm and lubricated fingers are slippery. It is recommended to always have a good sized flared base on the object to reduce the risk of it being sucked into the anus. If you do lose any object into your anus seek medical help immediately, that sucker is more than likely not coming back out and can do serious damage.
  • If using fingers ensure fingernails are short and smooth, the anus is delicate.
  • If you have haemorrhoids do not engage in anal sex until you have discussed the risks with your doctor.
  • We strongly recommend you do NOT use any cream, drug or lubricant (or anything else) designed to numb the anal area. This dulls nerves and mask any pain, without this pain sensation to know when to stop tearing of the skin and other harms to the anus can occur.
  • Anal sex should not be painful. If pain occurs, stop immediately. Do not continue if you have a tear or damage to the anus and seek medical advice. If you do not have any tears and you want to again, relax, use an extra massive dose of communication and patience, with a dash more lubricant. Start with a small finger.

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