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Yourself, Your Friend, and Your Special Other(s)

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Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can not love others until you love yourself.

So click on the links and take a little walk through some gifts that will make your heart sing and or toes curl.

Face it peeps, those romantic relationships come and go, but your mates are by your side always. No sugar coating advice, supporting your crazy adventures, and always picking up the phone.

So share your love with the average gift, or give the gift of exploring intimacy.

No matter what junk is in your special others trunk, we have a gift that is sure to make them grin.

So decide what part of their junk you want to stimulate or select your junk match for joint play. Keep in mind every intimacy toy can be enjoyed as a relationship, sometimes the joy is stimulating their junk and sometimes it’s them stimulating yours.

Gift Cards

This is the most unique gift card on the market and perfect for most events 😉

Weddings are covered with complementary gift wrapping to ensure the happy couple’s guests don’t notice a thing.

Birthdays, well who would say no?

Great for your family members coming of age, or the older ones who just need to learn to love themselves.

A gift card gives your special other the ability to select something perfect for them!