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Tenga’s Sex Toy Demo – Iroha Tori, Flip 0 (Flip Zero), & Tenga Egg

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TENGA demonstrate how to use their ‘female pleasure product’, or external vibrator as we like to say, Iroha Tori. TENGA also demonstrate two of their penis masturbators – Flip 0 (Flip Zero), & the very popular Tenga Egg.

Jerry and Jak also discuss why TENGA designed a male masturbator disguised as an egg. A small glimpse into the unknown impact society has on sex toy design. Sex and Society.

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Iroha Tori

Jak: Now we’re here with Jerry from tenga and he has some pretty fantastic products to show us. So what have you got in your hands?

Jerry: Hello my name is Jerry, I have Iroha Tori in my hand. This is a female pleasure item. So we wanted something made quite cute and so squishy.

Jak: Oh OK, it’s really squishy like really squishy.

Jerry: Yes it is.

Jak: Yes I would not have thought it was, I would not have thought it was this texture from any of the pictures.

Jerry: Yes, and also the vibrator is very strong please feel it.

Jak: Yes it is. And very pinpointed, the vibration moves through the silicon really well. Any other interesting products?

Flip 0 (Flip Zero)

Jerry: Yes we do have a new product. It’s called Flip 0 (Zero). Flip Zero is for a penis. It’s a new high-end product. As you could see the very soft-silicone. Please touch it.

Jak: Yer it sort of almost feels like one of those toys when your kids you throw it against the wall, and it sticks and climbs down.

Jerry: Basically it’s made by TPE, so it’s very easy to use. Put some lubricant on it, and fold it put this in, and put this in. Put it onto your penis and squish it like this.

Jak: So that sort of squeezes. You can place pressure on the outside of it. Does it make a suction noise, like a cow pulling its foot out of mud?

Jerry: A little bit.

Jak: A little bit, not too much but a little bit.


Jak: These are a great tanga product.

Jerry: Cute TENGA Egg like this. Look at this it stretches a lot. And please see the inside texture it’s very cool. Basically it’s going to be the same texture as the outside picture, gotta be the same.

Jak: And what do you do with this?

Jerry: So, as you can see, it’s going to come with the one time lubricant on it. So you open it up, put some lube on it. And put it onto your penis.

Jak: So, ar penis?

Jerry: Yes penis.

Jak: OK and so what, it stretches right over it?

Jerry: Yes.

Jak: OK, very interesting.

Jak: So why is it disguised as an egg Jerry?

Jerry: Well because we wanted something cute and easy to carry in. Basically like we wanted something kind of cool, in use to be Japan, like these kind of sex toys were like always kind of gross. And kind of hard to carry and everyone’s kind of ashamed to carry it.

Jak: This is in Japan?

Jerry: Yes in Japan.

Jerry: We wanted something cool and easy to carry. And like, so like everybody could like talk about masturbation open. So we made these kind of cool products.

TENGA Masturbate Better

Jak: You have an interesting tagline at TENGA, so would you like to end it with your tagline?

Jerry: Ar should I say it?

Jak: Yer you can say it.

Jerry: TENGA has a very nice product, so everyone please try TENGA.

Jak: Yes thank you.

Jak: Isn’t your tagline ‘making masturbation better’?

Jerry: Yes.

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    I didn’t think for the price this would be that good but man was I wrong!! If your not using this I highly recommend you do because this really dose feel like the real thing!! Use this with warming jell and I promise you you’ll think its the real thing!

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