Penis Ring Safety (Cock Ring Safety)

Vavven Penis Ring Safety (Cock Ring Safety)

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Cock ring safety is rarely spoken about, let alone relayed by manufacturers or retailers. So we’re here to chat penis ring safety!

The Penis

The penis is a complex bit of gear, but basically it’s a pump system. Your heart and arteries are the pump, pushing blood into and around the penis. An erection is created when a rather tricky biochemical process shuts valve like items in the penis, enabling more blood to enter than leave and in turn building pressure. You may have seen many males use penis rings when watching adult movie scenes using websites like  or others found online. However, this doesn’t mean you are safe to use a penis ring straight away.

The pressure from a penis ring creates an artificial one way valve, reducing or preventing blood flowing out of the penis. But this artificial blood restriction can cause damage, the tissue of the penis and testicles need fresh blood flow to stay alive. See recommended use time limits below.

Holding an erection is not the only reason a penis ring is used. The reasons vary from erection assistance to feeling good, or just an attempt to make your junk look a little larger. Whatever the reason education is very important. Penis rings have been in use for a very long time and for short term use are normally quite OK. A 2009 sex toy safety paper found penis rings accounted for just 1.9% of the sex toy related emergency treatment.

The main issues with penis rings are related to:

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your penis ring is stuck, hightail it to emergency to seek medical help immediately. That is one friend you want to look after.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

#1 Seek Medical Advice Pre-use

Penis rings must NOT be used without medical advice by those who have cardiovascular problems or who take blood-thinning medication.

Always check in with your doctor and ask for their advice on safe use and any medical conditions you may have which could cause an issue. If you’re using a penis ring to assist with erections be sure to discuss this with your doctor, they may actually be able to help you in many other ways. And if you’re just experimenting to spice up your play, just be open with your doctor they have knowledge to share.

#2 Duration Of Use

Medical professionals advise against using a penis ring for more than 30 minutes.


  • you are not using drugs which affect your attention or awareness;
  • you remove the penis ring prior to sleeping; and
  • you remove the penis ring immediately if you notice any pain, numbness, or if the flesh goes pale or blue.

We recommend

  • NOT using a penis ring with numbing creams, as this will reduce your awareness of your penis while wearing the penis ring; and
  • avoiding metal penis rings, as removal can be very difficult in an emergency situation. Look for a penis ring which can be cut or easily undone.

#3 Weight Damage

We recommend avoiding heavy weighted penis rings as the pulling can damage the structure at the base of the penis, which can lead to nerve damage and irritation of groin hernias.

#4 Be Prepared

Knowing who you can contact in an emergency or having something close by to cut the penis ring if needed, is so much easier to think about when all the blood is in the thinking head!

Note: If you do attempt to cut your own penis ring, ensure your penis is protected.

#5 Have Fun

We know all those rules probably scared the shit out of you, but education will keep you safe in bed. Don’t stress about the rules, just follow them and enjoy.

This youtube clip by Dr Ruthie will take 10 minutes of your life, but well worth it. She covers materials, sizing, installation and safety.

How to Wear a Cock Ring | Dr. Ruthie’s Sex Info

Happy loving peeps.

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