Sex sells, right?

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Vavven Sex sells, right?

We like to say “sex sells, let it pay”, but you may have noticed that we’ve chosen not to actually use “sex”, or what society deems sex to be, in order to make our sales. Instead we’re engaging in a social experiment (yes, you are the mouse!) to reprogram society around sexual objectification.

We’re pushing back against the valueless sexual undertones of the marketing industry to prove that you don’t need objectification to talk about sex.

So when we heard about the team of researchers at the Ohio State University studying the effects of sex in advertising, we couldn’t resist having a peep!

They studied the results from approximately 8500 subjects. Researchers found subject’s reaction to a “sexy ad” involved their skin warming, heart rate increasing, but they were less likely to prefer the erotically advertised brands over brands using non-sexual images. The subjects also often found it difficult to remember the product being advertised in the sexualised advertisements.


New York Magazine – Sex Doesn’t Sell: “This Is Your Brain on Advertising”

They concluded that this is due to “attentional narrowing”, that is, our human attention span is limited and close focus on one thing will cause others to fade into the background. In the sexualised advertisement, the subject’s focus is on the model’s many assets rather than the product.

So peeps, watch this space! We’re very interested in the evolution of our social experiment into advertising.


We’re big believers “the sex can be dirty as long as the values are clean”.

Erkica Lust

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