How To Create Space For Fresh Sexual Energy by Juliet Allen

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Our body is a temple for sexual energy and so is the home that we live in. With this in mind, it’s important that we create space within our house so that sexual energy can flow freely.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt a yucky energy?

Most of us have experienced this at some stage and let’s face it, that kind of energy isn’t associated with amazing sexual pleasure.

Imagine if there’s dirty energy in our home and we bring a new lover into the space … this can definitely impact negatively on the intimacy and sex with that lover.

So what are the key elements of a clear, energetic, sexy space? And how do we create that? Here are three practical ways you can create space for sex in your house today:

Tip #1 Sage your home

Sage is used to burn away bad energy and spirits and clear the way for new energy to be birthed.

Purchase a sage stick at your local health food store and light it using a candle.

While the sage is burning walk around your home with the stick and allow the smoke to gently cleanse the energy in each room.

Tip #2 Sleep in beautiful sheets

We spend hours and hours in bed … so we may as well sleep in great quality bed sheets.

Visit your local homeware store and buy the best quality sheets you can buy … don’t be afraid to spend money on such luxury!

Great quality sheets encourage great quality sex.

Tip #3 Clear clutter and throw out stuff you don’t use

Cluttered house = cluttered head.

Spring clean your home today and throw out stuff that you don’t use.

Clear the energy in your home by clearing out items of clothing, kitchen utensils, bed linen, books etc that no longer serve you.

Cleaning clutter allows for new energy to flow into your home and creates space for new sexual energy to arrive.

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