How to Improve Your Sex Life

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Vavven How To Improve Your Sex Life

Five simple tips to help you learn how to improve your sex life, whether you’re in a long term relationship or just ships passing in the night. These tips don’t require learning yoni massage or how to striptease, they’re simply based around understanding sex is a mutual experience, it’s the connection of your hearts, your souls, and your complete beings.

1/ Don’t Rush

Don’t rush the experience. We’re not talking physical speed, you can go fast or slow, whatever rocks your boat. We’re talking mental speed, the experience, keeping your mind in the moment. Don’t think about how you look, smell, taste, how you could improve, or what your partner may or may not be thinking. Just relax into the moment. Feel the stimulation of your skin, hear the breathing of your partner, taste the moment when hearts, minds and bodies come together.

2/ Have Fun

Have fun and break the rules (obviously not the one about consent), but throw convention out the window and try different things. You don’t need to be dramatic, just simply do something different to your “normal”. Maybe it’s uncomfortable passion on the kitchen table or sitting back and touching yourself while keeping your partner at bay. Just play. You may even want to watch some british mature films and take on some role play.  Some things will work and plenty will be just laughable, but the journey will be great!

3/ Lean to Tango

Not literally, but a tango requires two willing and eager participants to be beautiful. Great sex is a mutual give and take and there is no room for needy or pushy in the bedroom. Have mutual respect and let the music you create take you places you didn’t expect.

4/ Practice Kissing

Kiss for hours. Give yourselves time to explore, tease and connect. Too often when we are familiar with our lover we reach for the pants. Try slowing things down and kissing for foreplay. Maybe even take the sex off the table and try kissing to the point of wanting to break this new rule.Try playing with your kissing style, vary the pressure, even add a playful bite. Kissing is so intimate and stimulating, just enjoy it.

5/ Talk

We bang on about this point, but communication is the best friend you have for a great sex life. Talk while, before, and after sex even if it’s uncomfortable remember to talk. We understand it can be painfully difficult to open up, so be willing to be the first one to open up and help your partner feel comfortable. And if your partner is saying something awkwardly, listen to them and give them respect.

If you have tips you would like to share, leave them in the comments for others to read.

Happy loving peeps.

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