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We’re excited to have Dame and their ethically manufactured products in our store. If you’re looking for the Eva please pay our store a visit.

DAME Making the world a happier place one vagina at a time.

CEO and Co-founder Alex Fine gives us a demonstration of both Eva and Fin, two sex toys she designed.

Eva is the worlds first truly hands-free couple vibrators. It provides clitoral stimulation while having sex with your partner and without the need to hold it in place. Two flexible wings (or arms) gently push against the outer lips of the vulva (they push from the inside) and Newtons third law takes care of the rest (you know that equal and opposite reaction stuff – who would have thought it would be so handy).

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Being hands free and out of the way during penetrative sex, means it doesn’t get in the way of of your love making, allowing a boost of clitoral stimulation while leaving your hands free to move around and focus on intimacy.

Fin is a vibrator worn between your fingers and allows you to stimulate and massage any area you like with vibration (not just your junk but your partners too!). Great for foreplay, sex, or solo time. Small and cute, it’s sure to win your partner over in no time.

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Jak: I’m excited, I’m here with Dame

Alex: I’m Alex Fine. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Dame Products.

Alex: Eva is our first sex toy, it’s a really ambitious product. Sometimes I’m like, why didn’t we pick something easier? You know, but it wouldn’t have been so unique and different.

Alex: So this is a hands free vibrator that a woman can wear during sex. So it’s got these bendable wings that tuck underneath the labia majora. Like so, if my mouth is the hole of the vagina.

Jak: And it holds in there.

Alex: Yes it’s hands free, you can wear it while you are having sex. Which is really nice. And I think that being hands free is good because you don’t realise how much you support your body with your arms and your hands while you’re having sex, and being able to support your weight is really important to being relaxed enough to have an orgasm.

Jak: Yes.

Alex: So that is one of the benefits of Eva.


Alex: This is our second product, it’s called Fin. It’s a finger vibrator, it’s very versatile, there are lots of different ways you can wear it and play with it, and like touch your partner. It’s really fun.

Jak: Yes. Dame as seen from the pamphlet, there’s no objectification, there’s no smuttiness, it is really quite high-brow, it’s really nice imagery.

Alex: Thank you we spent a lot of time trying to make people feel comfortable.

Jak: In short we have got a pretty revolutionary product that has come onto the market. And it sort of looks cute like it’s going to give you a hug as well. Thank you.

Alex: No problem it was really nice meeting you to.

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