How To Clean Sex Toys

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Vavven How To Clean Sex Toys

Why Do I Need To Clean My Sex Toys?

Whether you use sex toys with a partner or even use them on yourself when watching Twink Movies, sometimes they get a little messy and will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Knowing how to clean sex toys is a very important skill to help ensure your fun doesn’t become nasty.

Believe us, it can become nasty pretty quick when you’re popping your sex toy(s) in orifices where they will come in contact with bodily fluids like, semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, and potentially blood.

Depending on your choice of toy, these fluids may either impregnate the surface (porous toys) of your sex toy, or linger on the surfaces of them.

If these fluids are not thoroughly removed they can transfer things such as:

  • sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)
  • and micro yucks which have grown on the surface

Either way the end result is not nice, from STI’s to yeast infections, so treat sex toy hygiene with R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

To keep you and your partner(s) safe it’s recommend you always clean your sex toys: thoroughly before and after each use; when changing from the anus to the vagina; and when changing from one partner to another. To assist with fluid transfer condoms can be used to cover the toys, remember to change the condom if changing orifices as above. And a handy hint – condoms over your toys also helps with the fragrance a toy acquires from anal use.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning method, if you can not find them, here are a couple to help you out –

The 3 Best Ways To Clean Sex Toys

1/ Cleaning Sex Toys With Soap & Hot Water

A good scrub with soap and hot water is usually sufficient for most sex toys. Rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving any soap on the toy. Keep in mind we do not recommend owning a porous toy as they are near impossible to clean adequately.

This cleaning method is good for: ABS, Silicone, Metal, Glass, and Ceramic

If your toy is not waterproof – remove batteries; do not allow water to enter the battery housing; do not submerge your toy; and use a damp cloth for cleaning rather than direct water.

2/ Using Sex Toy Cleaner

For that extra peace of mind use specially formulated sex toy cleaners which often also disinfectant. This is a good option for most sex toys, but check the manufacturer’s labeling to ensure the cleaner is safe for use on your sex toy.

This cleaning method is good for: Most Sex Toys

3/ Cleaning Leather Sex Toys

A little fetish play can be fun but the clean up is often rather difficult due to the porous nature of leather.

Saddle soap and warm water is recommended for leather items, however we have not found any conclusive information to its ability to remove bodily fluids which may carry STI’s.

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