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Vavven™ is a social enterprise championing the fight for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by being vocal advocates for the cause and giving one-third of our profits to Aid Organisations that champion SRHR.

This space is dedicated to SRHR, shedding light on current issues and celebrating those on the frontline.

"It should not matter who you are born to, your gender, or your nationality, it should be your own will that writes your mark on this earth. Equality of opportunity is my guiding value and Vavven is one way I believe we can redistribute the inequality of luck"

Jacqueline Haines.

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Vavven Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)???

Woo yeah, we have some heavy content here people, but stay with us! Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) affects all genders. It’s a broad term used to categorise four sub sectors: sexual health; sexual rights; reproductive health; and reproductive rights. To unpack this a little more…    Sexual health, is sexual development free from illness and violence.    Sexual rights are the rights of all people to decide freely about their sexuality.    Reproductive health is the physical,

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Safe Sexting Vavven

Sexting in 2020 it’s Time to Demand Tech Companies Change

Table of Contents What’s Sexting? A few sexy images or a steamy text conversation is a great way to spice up the day between lovers. Sexting is sending another person a sexually explicit image or message via any technological means. It’s predominantly associated with mobile phones and nude pics sent between lovers. They’re certainly not uncommon, with 20% of teens 13-19 sending them and 33% of adults 20-26. So if most of our sexting is between consenting people in relationships,

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Pelvic Floor & Kids Sexual Health | Vavven™

Pelvic Floor & Kids – Learn the 3 Things You Need to Know

Table of Contents Why’s Pelvic Floor Health Important? If you’re a dad, mum, carer… then you need to have the ‘Pelvic Health’ conversations (note the plural) with your kids. Early healthy conversations teach good lifelong habits and remove the shame associated with the pelvic region. This shame is created by us not talking openly in society about sexual health, of which pelvic health is a large component. If you’re thinking these conversations may be too awkward to bring up with

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Vavven SRHR Fact

SRHR Fact – One million births occur every year to girls under the age of fifteen years.

Data source: World Health Organisation, Adolescent Pregnancy 2014 Please give us a hand and share the love Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on linkedin Share on email Add Gift Cart to Cart Medical Disclaimer: You agree that any information contained in our Site or Materials or provided with our products is provided to you as a guide only and is not an attempt to practice medicine or provide medical advice. Such Materials and our product(s)

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Abortion in NSW Australia Remains a Criminal Matter

Abortion in NSW Australia Remains a Criminal Matter

This opinion was written in response to MLC Mehreen Faruqi’s defeated bill in NSW upperhouse (May 2017). The Bill was to decriminalise abortion in NSW. At the date of posting abortion is still in the criminal code in two Australian States, New South Wales and Queensland. This opinion was printed in the Newcastle Herald. Abortion in NSW Australia Remains a Criminal Matter. It’s 2017 and a dead NSW citizen has greater bodily autonomy than a living uterus-owning NSW citizen. A bill

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Vavven The Pussy Grab Gone Global

The Pussy Grab Gone Global

Printed in Newcastle Herald on 4th Feb 2017 Does making America great again require restrictions to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)? Well, President Trump and his posse certainly think so… Shortly after gaining office, his first three executive orders were to: freeze federal hiring; withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); and reinstate the Mexico City Policy. Those of a certain political persuasion could certainly muster a good argument for freezing federal hiring and withdrawing from the TPP, but

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Vavven Honey Birdette

An Open Letter to Honey Birdette

Dear Honey Birdette, As you know, recently a number of your ex-employees initiated a protest and petition along with the Young Workers Centre calling out poor working conditions, and sexual harassment claims in your retail stores. It is distressful there are many spaces in our social and corporate worlds where sexual harassment exists. But you would agree with me that the one place it certainly should not exist is within an organisation which claims to be founded on sexual empowerment, such as

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