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Unique Condom Non Latex

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Perfect for people with a latex intolerance, UNIQUE CONDOM ’S non-latex condoms are colourless, odourless, hypoallergenic and are made of ultra thin synthetic resin for a sensual experience.

These condoms are particularly gentle on the skin and are made from a very thin elastic for an easy fit. Sizing is for the medium to large sized penis.

Unique is for adults who know a thing or two about sex and want protection with a better sexual experience.  Try Unique, then retry latex and you will never go back to latex or mass produced condoms again!

The condoms come pre-lubricated but additional lubrication is A-OK!

Be Latex Free with the Best Non Latex Condoms

Latex is an effective material for making condoms out of, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone. There are plenty of people out there who can’t or won’t use latex condoms for a variety of valid reasons. That’s not to say that condoms should be forgone entirely, mind you. In fact, adequate protection should never be sacrificed for any reason when it comes to sex, and there are plenty of alternatives available for those who find latex inconvenient, impractical, or intolerable.

The easiest way to stay safe without latex is to use latex free condoms. It’s possible to find non latex condoms for any gender, and when you purchase high quality products, they remain effective at preventing accidental pregnancies and the spread of STIs. Well-made non latex condoms may also be more comfortable than their latex counterparts since many of the best non latex condoms are produced using an ultra-thin synthetic resin that makes them exceptionally gentle on the skin. Of course, not all latex free condoms are the same, so it’s important that you do a bit of careful comparison shopping before settling on a brand.

If you’re looking for the best non latex condoms available, why not start your search with Vavven™? Vavven™ is a new company that aims to create a total paradigm shift in our culture, starting with the adult lifestyle community and rippling outwards. Our focus is on empowerment and equality, so we source our products according to strict quality and ethics standards. Furthermore, we consider the issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights to be fundamental to global development, so we donate a third of all our profits to NGOs supporting this cause at home and abroad. Purchasing latex free condoms from us not only ensures that you’ll be using some of the best non latex condoms on the market; it also helps to promote sexual development free from illness and violence around the world.

Offering Some of the Best Non Latex Condoms in Australia

Vavven™ offers several varieties of latex free condoms. Our Unique Condom non latex condoms are designed to be extra smooth and comfortable when pulled over a penis and are hypoallergenic in addition to being colourless and odourless. Made from an ultra-thin elastic for easy fitting, they are perfect for accommodating medium to large sized penises. Then there are our non-latex FC2 Femidom internal condoms for women, which is made from a body safe nitrile polymer and can be inserted up to 8 hours before sexual activity.

Learn More About Our Support for SRHR

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are the rights of all people to decide freely about sexuality and include reproductive rights such as physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with regard to pregnancy. At Vavven™, we believe that the sale of ethically manufactured latex free condoms helps to accomplish this on at least two fronts. Portions of our revenues support SRHR around the world, but also because the people who purchase our products are empowering themselves to stay safe and mitigate unintended pregnancies & STI’s. Contact us today for more information, or to place an order for any of our products.

Note: Sale unit is 3 of Unique Condoms.

Additional information



Method – Barrier;
Zone – Anus, Penis, Vagina.




Lubricant Compatibility






Length: 17cm or 6.69"
Width: 6cm +/- 0.2cm or 2.4" +/- 0.08"
Thickness: 0.0015cm or 0.0006"

Sizing: Recommended for the medium to large sized penis. Not Recommended for narrow girth penis.


Single Use Item.


Always seek medical advice from your doctor.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.

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