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Tenga Egg Penis Manual Masturbator Sleeve

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$ 14.00

Tenga Egg is a penis masturbating sleeve for the penis looking to shake things up. Shake alone or with others, but either way the penis in question is going to thank you very much.

Textured pleasure

Super stretchy and very soft

Price is for a single egg

Clear selection


Tenga Egg Penis Masturbating Sleeve

Tenga Egg’s series comes in three variations; regular, strong & cooling (see variation details below). Both the regular and strong Tenga Egg’s have a number of different patterns on the sleeve internal creating texture to stimulate and titillate all involved.  The design on the packaging indicates the internal pattern of the egg.

Made from a super stretchy material, this penis masturbator is able to accommodate all penis sizes (see how to use a Tenga Egg below). The vibration from the textured internal patterns on the penis head and shaft, turns everyday hand play into quite the experience. So if either you or your partner have a penis, give it and your relationship a magical experience.

The Tenga Egg comes with its own lubricant and is recommended for single use only, but we think with a super good clean you can go another round or two!

How a Tenga Egg Works

How a Tenga Egg Works

To use a Tenga egg, first, remove the film that protects the unit from outside dust and grime. Then open the egg by pulling one half away from the other. Next, remove and apply the lubricant that comes with each egg, before inserting your penis into the opening and enjoying the next few minutes in ways you probably didn’t expect—unless, of course, you’ve used a Tenga masturbator before.

Tenga eggs may seem small, but their openings are designed to accommodate an extensive range of penis sizes, making them one of the best penis masturbators around for a variety of sizes .

What Size Penis Does the Tenga Egg Fit?

Tenga Egg is one size fits all!

The Tenga Egg is super stretchy and accommodates almost every size. The insertion size starting length 5cm & starting width 4.5cm. Each egg contains it’s own generous lubricant sachet.

Tenga Egg Demonstration

Can You Use a Tenga Egg With Your Partner?

Yes, your partner can stroke you.

The Tenga Egg is also very nice to aid with oral sex if you cut a hole in the top of the egg (not while your penis is inside), allowing the egg to work the shaft while your partner uses their mouth on the head. This is especially good for those who do not like to have the full length of a penis in their mouth.

Is Tenga Egg for Single Use Only?

Tenga have designed the Tenga Egg to be a single use item. The life of the Tenga Egg isn’t really due to the strength of the sleeve, rather it’s due to the material choice.

Tenga Egg is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) because it’s super stretchy and very soft. Although TPE as a material is body safe, it’s also porous. And what do we know about porous materials and bodily fluids? Yep that’s it, no matter how well you clean them you just can not do it well enough.

Micro yucks can get into those pores and cause all sorts of not so nice issues.

So if you’re going to give your Tenga Egg more than one go, make sure you don’t leave too much time between strokes.

Tenga Egg Penis Size

What’s the difference between TENGA Egg strengths?

Tenga Egg’s series comes in three variations; regular, strong & cooling.

Tenga Easy Beat

Regular is the original Tenga egg and called easy beat, the internal texture matches the pattern on the Tenga Egg packaging, and mainly has subtle waves and lines. The patterns are: Wavy Tenga Egg, Clicker Tenga Egg, Spider Tenga Egg, Twister Tenga Egg, Stepper Tenga Egg, Silky Tenga Egg, and Lovers Tenga Egg.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Regular Strength

Tenga Hard Boiled

Strong is the new Tenga egg series and often called hard boiled.

These eggs are made from a firmer elastomer, designed to produce a tighter feeling.

However in terms of the difference between the Tenga Easy Beat and Hard Boiled eggs we have not noticed a “tighter feeling”, but the material is slightly stronger allowing it to last a little longer than the manufacturer recommends (ie single use).

The internal pattern are very different between the two series, with the original Easy Beat Tenga eggs internals having mainly subtle waves and lines, while the Hard Boiled Tenga Eggs have a pronounced texture changing the stimulation.

Tenga Hard Boiled Egg Strong Strength

Tenga Cooling Egg

The Tenga Cooling Egg is from the Regular strength series and has exactly the same internal pattern as the wavy. It’s difference is in its methanol infused lubricant which provides a chilling stimulation.

Tenga Cool Egg

Why the Genuine Tenga Egg is the Best Penis Masturbator Out There

Many of you penis owners out there may not be entirely familiar with the number of masturbators out there, but there are plenty of options for you. Many people think of masturbatory aides as being primarily feminine products, but the fact is that all of us enjoy a good solo session now and then, and everybody deserves the kind of equipment that can help you get the most out of the experience, no matter what junk is is your trunk. Those of you with penises will, therefore, be interested in finding the best penis masturbator for you, which means getting acquainted with the world of adult toys designed for your genitals. It’s quite a bit more extensive (pun intended) than you may imagine.

It’s always a good idea to do some research when shopping for the perfect masturbatory aide, but one of the most popular and effective products available for your penis is the Tenga egg. Tenga has a rich and storied history of producing excellent adult toys, and any Tenga penis masturbator is practically guaranteed to provide quality stimulation. The Tenga egg is perhaps their best-known product—a masturbatory aide that allows you to insert your penis into its stretchy orifice and “shake things up” a little. The Tenga egg is manufactured for a single use, but with proper care and cleaning many can survive at least a few rounds—and they’re very rewarding.

Tenga Cool EggPurchase Your Tenga Penis Masturbator from Vavven™

When you’re looking for an easy way to buy the best penis masturbator around, try shopping online with Vavven™, a company that sells several masturbators and other adult toys with a broader social purpose in mind. Our long-term goal is to help spread awareness and spark conversation about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), a group of important social issues that affects practically everyone on the planet. Not only do we sell body safe and ethically produced adult lifestyle products to help customers become more attuned and open to their sexual needs (and those of their partners), we also donate a third of our proceeds to NGOs who work to promote these values at home and abroad. When you purchase a Tenga egg from us, you’ll be doing the world a service while helping to service yourself or another special penis in your life.

Additional information



Method – Manual (Friction);
Zone – Penis, Glans, & Shaft.


Lubricant Compatibility



Flexible, Very Stretchy.


Egg Outer Case Dimensions
Diameter: 4.9cm or 1.9" & Height: 6.1cm or 2.4"
Inner skin is extremely stretchy i.e. one size fits all.


53g or 0.12lb.




Single Use.


Always seek medical advice from your doctor prior to using sex toys.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.

Not Included


2 reviews for Tenga Egg Penis Manual Masturbator Sleeve

  1. Vävven

    Below we have summarised a Tenga Egg Sex Toy Review completed by professional sex toy reviewer. A link to the original review is at the end of the review and we urge you to read this and more to find the perfect toy for you. When you’re reading and sex toy review take a moment and think about why the reviewer is giving good or bad feed back and how it may relate to your body type and preference. We decided to summarise this review rather than those that claim the toy is out of this world as we feel this tester gives a fair review discussing enough positives and negatives to assist you in finding the right mastorbator for your penis.

    Even if the Tenga Egg is not your toy, there is certainly one or two or more sex toys out there that will be perfect for you or your special other(s). We have plenty more ethical sex toys to explore and we’re always about to take questions and help you find your way around the world of sex toys.

    Happy masturbating peeps. Vx

    Merry Frolics Reviews The Tenga Egg Penis Masturbator Sleeve – Individual, Penis Use, Sex Toy Review

    To see original review click link at the bottom of this summary.

    Merry Frolics has rated the Tenga Egg as a 6/10 “they feel very good”. He found scoring the Tenga Egg was difficult as the reusable penis masturbators such as the flip zero are a much better masturbator, yet they are also a much higher price.

    Merry Frolic liked the inclusion of the ample amount of lubricant in each egg and noted it was “quite thick, almost like a gel”. But Merry Frolic did not the need to remove the lube from his hands as it became to slippery to stroke.

    The first egg Merry Frolic tried was the Spider, this is an egg from the regular (Easy Beats) range. Inserting into the egg was easy, when unstretched the sleeve only covered his penis head, where he certainly enjoyed the texture but as the Easy Beat range stretches further down the shaft the sensation on the head reduces.

    Merry Frolic was testing the Tenga Easy beat range where the texture is shallow and found very little sensation on the shaft. If you are looking for shaft sensation the Tenga Hard Boiled (Strong) range will be your best bet.
    As you stretch the Tenga Egg down the penis, the material thins and you can see the head of the penis through it. The material is designed to stretch like this so don’t be concerned about breaking it.

    Merry Frolic found “the best way to use a Tenga Egg is with short strokes and rotations around the head of the penis”. But you will find the best way to use your own Tenga Egg, you may find you like firm grip and more shaft directed. Every penis is different.

    Main Negatives with the Tenga Egg:

    + Will break after a few uses (Note: Designed for single use due to porous material)
    + Pricey if used only once

    Main Positives with the Tenga Egg:

    + Great for travelling – discrete, small and lube included
    + Affordable introductory penis masturbating sleeve
    + Non offending style as it doesn’t resemble genitalia
    + One size fits all
    + Great as a gift

    To read the full review follow this link https://merryfrolics.com/cheap-male-masturbators-tenga-egg-review/ and spend some time while you’re there and check out the interesting information.

  2. Martin

    Overall, it is an ideal sex toy if you want a sex toy that you can use once and then dispose of it.

    Here you can find my honest review of the Tenga Egg https://malesextoys.co/tenga-egg/

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