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pjur SENSITIVE glide pjur med sensitive glide

pjur Med SENSITIVE Glide Lubricant

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PJUR MED SENSITIVE GLIDE is a water-based personal lubricant which has been specifically formulated for very sensitive skin in the genital area. Dermatologically tested, glycerin, parabens, and preservative agents have been deliberately left out. As a water-based lubricant, PJUR MED SENSITIVE GLIDE is compatible with all types of toys and can be easily cleaned off sheets and clothing. Like all PJUR products, PJUR MED SENSITIVE GLIDE is made from naturally sourced ingredients.  Always of the absolute highest quality, PJUR products are pH balanced be gentle on your intimate areas. Are you looking to learn more about why lubes are fabulous? Learn more here>> Why use lubricant

Pjur Med Sensitive Glide is Gentle on Your Skin so that You Can be Playful with Your Body

Where would we be without quality lubricant? Good lube helps keep the world turning by, facilitating all kinds of healthy sexual encounters in every country around the world. The only thing is, not every lube is right for everybody. Some people have sensitive skin which means it’s important to find a lube that works for you next time you want to enjoy yourself or your partner(s). For those of you who fall into the “sensitive skin” category, Pjur Med Sensitive Glide might just be the answer you’ve been seeking. A lubricant designed specifically for people whose genitals don’t respond well to other lubricants, Pjur Med Sensitive Glide is easy and soothing on your genital area for active or sexual play. This lube is free of glycerine, parabens, and preservative agents, and is also water based—making it suitable for all kinds of toys and easy to clean off clothing and bedsheets. Vavven™ sells Pjur Med Sensitive Glide and many other effective lubricants, in accordance with our primary objective of promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide. We believe that everyone should have access to a good lubricant, no matter what kind of skin you have or what you like to do with it. When you’re ready to buy Pjur Med Sensitive Glide or any of our other products, just contact Vavven™ and let us help you find something deeply rewarding.

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Material Compatibility

Compatible with all sex toys.


Read instruction on packaging and always seek medical advice from your doctor prior to using sex toys.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.

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