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HERO Condoms are also a social enterprise, donating a condom to those in need for every condom sold. HERO has provided more than thousands condoms locally and in Botswana.

Hero’s LATEX condom’s are made from the highest quality natural latex; manufactured using solar power, water recycling; and they are working towards becoming a carbon neutral company!

Buying Hero through Vavven means extra funds from your purchase are also distributed to help provide sexual and reproductive health and rights. This extra distribution will only happen if your retailer is also a social enterprise, so be a Hero next time things get friendly.

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HERO Condoms: The Bold Choice

Playing well means playing safe, especially when it comes to sex. That’s why it’s critical that you choose the right condoms for your erotic pursuits. Believing in healthy sexuality means believing in responsibility and ethics. It’s important for that spirit to be present with you in the bedroom, but it shouldn’t stop there. What if you could purchase condoms that also helped to encourage the development of safe and healthy sexuality to areas in need around the world?

That’s the philosophy behind HERO Condoms, a brand that donates a condom to those in need for every condom sold. Since their inception, HERO Condoms has given thousands of condoms locally and in places such as Botswana, to help combat the spread of STIs and the proliferance of accidental pregnancies. HERO Condoms are made from latex and are manufactured using water recycling and solar power, making them a sustainable company as well as a socially responsible one—in fact; they are even moving towards becoming carbon neutral.

When you buy HERO Condoms through Vavven™, you do even more to support sexual and reproductive health and rights. That’s because Vavven™ donates one-third of all our profits to NGOs that promote SRHR here in Australia and throughout the world. Our business model aims towards furthering our unique philosophy: that ethically manufactured sex toys and lifestyle products can spark meaningful conversations about sexuality around the world, making it a more inclusive place and bringing us all a little closer together.

Note: Each unit contains 4 individual condoms i.e. purchasing 2 units, means you are purchasing 8 individual condoms not the box pictured beside.

Additional information



Method – Barrier;
Zone – Anus, Vagina.

Lubricant Compatibility





Regular – 55mm;
Super Thin – 53mm.


Single Use Item.


Always seek medical advice from your doctor on how to use these products.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.

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