Gift Card

Gift Card

$ 20.00$ 250.00

Give the gift of love. The world’s most unique gift card.

  • electronic coupon + beautifully boxed


Send your friend or your special other(s) some love in the form of a gift card and let them decide how they would like to explore.

No matter what junk is in their trunk, we have a gift that is sure to make them happy.

When will the e-card arrive?

The gift card will be emailed to your friend (you will be copied in) within 2hrs

How long is the card valid?

12 months.

Vavven gift card conditions

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  • Select your gift card value

  • Enter your friends name – first name or a nickname

  • Enter your friends email address.

  • Enter a message. This message will be sent to your friend with their emailed gift card.

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Additional information

Gift Card Conditions

These conditions apply to Vavven gift cards.

Vavven gift cards must be redeemed on the website towards the purchase of available products listed in our online store at the time of purchase.
Vavven gift cards can not be used on any other website.
Vavven gift cards can not be used to redeem cash.
Vavven gift cards can not be transferred or reassigned, unless being used to purchase other Vavven gift cards.
Vavven gift cards can not be combined with other Vavven promotion codes.
Vavven gift cards can be used to buy other gift cards.
Vavven gift cards expire 12 months from the issue date.
Vavven gift card balance can be used over multiple purchases, if the order exceeds the gift card value, the balance must be paid at checkout.
Vavven is not responsible if a gift card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.
Standard Vavven terms and conditions apply to this purchase, see link in footer.


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