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Fun Factory Fun Cup

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FUN FACTORY’s menstruation cup brings a new twist on freedom and comfort

Holds 4 to 6 times what a tampon holds

Great for active users

Comes with a storage bag


Waterproof, made from medical grade silicone

Clear selection


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Introducing Fun Factory’s menstrual cup, FUN CUP. Fun? Really? Sure the FUN CUP comfort and freedom is revolutionary for a sanitary product but this is still far from evoking the feeling of fun!

We understand the marketing of sanitary products suggests the average menstruation is not just fun, it evokes extreme happiness and the desire to jump around, ride bikes, and wear bright coloured firm fitting pants.

Let’s be real, the only sane conclusion to draw from these advertisements is the menstruators are aliens! Evident by the blue liquid used in their product absorption demonstrations. A real menstruator has a mini carnage in their pants to deal with, on top of the rest.

Neither FUN FACTORY or VAVVEN can change the reality of menstruation, but we can offer a well designed comfortable alternative to tampons and pads for some bodies. We say some bodies because everyone is shaped differently and has different needs. So here’s the VAVVEN FUN CUP run down…

What is the menstrual cup and how to insert it

Most of your cup questions answered. How do I wear my menstrual cup? What if I’m out and I need to change my cup? Can a menstrual cup get lost?

The FUN CUP is manufactured with medical grade soft silicone, it’s hypoallergenic and non-porous. The design is a unique shape for menstrual cups, it’s tapered to fit snugly along the spine and curve of the vagina. Don’t be too concerned with its orientation it will find its way to the correct location with a little wiggle.

The FUN CUP top rim is slightly curved for comfort and it’s reinforced with silicone to provide the strength required to maintain its cup shape, while still allowing the hollow section of the cup to mould to your internal shape for maximum comfort. The reinforcing is internal so the outside of the cup feels soft and smooth. Just below the rim are four tiny holes which create a slight negative pressure to keep the cup in the perfect position and prevent it from slipping.

The FUN CUP doesn’t have a traditional menstrual cup “tail” which is normally used for removal, rather the soft hollow cup tapers to a point of solid silicone. The design is interesting as it forces the person removing the cup to pinch just above the solid silicon point, which relieves the suction against the vaginal wall allowing for easy removal.

The length of any menstrual cup is the most important dimension for a comfortable cup fit, and unlike a number of other cups on the market, the FUN CUP is not a cup you can trim or adjust the length. Due to this we feel the FUN CUP Size B will be the most comfortable for those of us with an average to higher cervix.

FUN FACTORY’s FUN CUPS come in two sizes:


Size A is the smaller of the two sizes, it’s easier to locate in position than Size B due to its slightly firmer medical grade silicon. Size A holds four times the amount of blood a tampon holds. We recommend Size A for those of us with a light menstrual flow or a shorter vaginal canal.


Size B is the larger of the two sizes by 10ml which is equal to 2 teaspoons of blood. Size B holds six times the amount of blood a tampon holds. It’s a softer medical grade silicon than Size A which makes it very comfortable against your vaginal wall, and means there is less uncomfortable pressure felt with a heavy menstrual flow. We recommend Size B for those of us who have given birth vaginally, or have a heavier menstrual flow, or a longer vaginal canal.


FUN FACTORY’s FUN CUPS can be purchased as individual sizes or in a combined pack containing both FUN CUP Size A and FUN CUP Size B, this package is call the FUN CUP EXPLORE KIT.

We recommend the FUN CUP EXPLORE KIT for those of us who have different flow rates during our period. FUN CUP Size A for the lighter days and FUN CUP Size B for the heavier ones. We also recommend the FUN CUP EXPLORE KIT to menstrual cup beginners, as it gives you the flexibility to try the different sizes. Keep in mind it will take approximately three months to master your menstrual cup.


The FUN CUP comes in a number of colours and they all look “fun”, however we are unable to pick the colour.


The FUN CUP is easy to clean, and stores lint and bacteria free in the FUN FACTORY antimicrobial bag, which is included when you purchase a FUN CUP.


Always seek medical advice from your doctor on how to use these products. Please refer to Additional informationTab above to learn about the risks associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Additional information



Length: 5.3 cm (2.1”); Top Rim Diameter: Ø 4 cm (1.56”); Capacity: 20 ml (0.68 oz)

Length: 5.8 cm (2.29”); Top Rim Diameter: Ø 4.3 cm (1.7”); Capacity: 30 ml (1.01 oz)


FUN CUP Size A (Small)
Includes 1 x FUN CUP Size A + 1 x Antimicrobial Travel Bag

FUN CUP Size B (Large)
Includes 1 x FUN CUP Size B + 1 x Antimicrobial Travel Bag

Includes 1 x FUN CUP Size A + 1 x FUN CUP Size B + 1 x Antimicrobial Travel Bag


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Always seek medical advice from your doctor on how to use these products.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS):
TSS is very rare, both in general and with menstrual product use. It is very dangerous and can also be deadly under some circumstances without treatment.
TSS can occur for any one of several reasons and is caused by toxic strains of bacteria entering the bloodstream.
Symptoms of TSS:
– sudden fever
– attack of shivers
– sickness
– vomiting
– muscular pain
– drop in blood pressure
– dizziness
If symptoms appear, take the FUN CUP out and go to the doctor. Make sure to tell the doctor that you used an insertable menstrual product. If you have had TSS before, it is not recommended that you use the FUN CUP. To reduce risk of TSS please follow instructions for use. In general, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using a new menstrual product.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.


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