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Vannen Internal Condom Non Latex F2C Femidom

F2C Femidom Internal Condom Non Latex

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FC2 Femidom is an internal condom used to prevent unintended pregnancies and protection against STIs. It is a soft, transparent non-latex sheath made of body-safe nitrile polymer. The inner ring aids insertion and secures the device in place during intercourse, while the softer outer ring remains outside the vagina.

Designed to be able to be inserted up to 8 hours prior to intercourse, the FC2 is perfect if you are worried about interrupting sexual spontaneity.

FC2 comes lubricated but ‘additional lubrication is recommended. FC2 can be used with either water or oil based lubricants.

Great for people who may have trouble finding the right fit in traditional condoms, people with latex allergies, or people who are keen to try something new in their safe sex adventures.

Internal Condoms Make an Excellent Alternative to the Traditional Condom

Protection is just as important as pleasure when it comes to sex, and there are plenty of products out there designed to help you achieve both. When you’re about to engage in an erotic encounter, you want to make sure it’ll satisfy you completely—both during the experience and afterwards. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you stay safe and risk-free in the long term, no matter how adventurous you plan on getting in the immediate future. Adequate protection makes the condom an essential investment for anyone who wants to get serious but also responsible about the way they play.

It’s important to note that condoms aren’t just for men, though. When they think about condoms, many people immediately think of those small rubber balloon-like objects that come in packs of three at every convenience store and slide down over the top of a penis, but there’s a lot more to condoms than that. Take female internal condoms, for example. Internal condoms remain an effective way to prevent unintended pregnancies and protect against STIs, but they offer a few advantages over condoms designed for the penis.

One of the major benefits of using an internal condom is that it allows for uninterrupted sexual spontaneity. One of the biggest complaints about condoms for penises is that putting them on often interrupts foreplay and creates an awkward moment where one or both partners fumble around trying to put the condom on properly. Female internal condoms, on the other hand, can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse and remain effective, which means that when the moment occurs, you’ll be able to slide into it smoothly (pun intended—you got us).

Vavven™ Can Help

When you’re looking for a way to purchase internal condoms, look at Vavven™. We’re a start-up that aims to promote positive and inclusive sexuality through the sale of high quality toys and adult lifestyle products manufactured according to exacting ethical standards. We carry a large supply of different condoms in addition to our vibrators, lingerie and bondage gear, including female internal condoms so that you can play safely in any way you like. Our goal at Vavven™ is to encourage exploration and empowerment, or as we like to put it: our vibes change lives.

Internal Condoms with Comfortable Design

Some people shy away from condoms because they don’t enjoy the feeling of latex. Others have latex allergies. In that respect, the internal condoms Vavven™ offers are extra convenient since due to the body safe nitrile polymer construction that is entirely latex free. These condoms are also well suited for both water and oil based lubricants, making them easy to use. If you have trouble finding the right fit for your condoms, are averse to latex, or are simply looking for something new and exciting to try, then these condoms make an excellent way to play. For more information about the internal condom and our other products, contact Vavven™ with your questions or to place an order.

Additional information



Method – Barrier;
Zone – Vulva, Vagina.


Lubricant Compatibility



Body safe nitrile polymer.




17cm or 6.7"


Single Use Item.


We do not recommend this product for anal use due to potential issues in retrieving it if it progresses into the anal canal, discuss this with your doctor; Always seek medical advice from your doctor prior to using sex toys.


As per our Sales Terms and Conditions 11(h) we do not accept refunds for change of mind. Due to the personal nature of this product and for hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a refund or return. If an item is faulty, you must return the item to our warehouses within 21 days in order to obtain a refund or exchange. See link in the footer.

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