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Sex Toys for Christians

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Vavven™ | Sex Toys for Christians

What does sex toys for Christians mean? Christians are joined in faith, but the views of the individual faiths within Christianity vary as do the diverse opinions and beliefs of the individuals who uphold these faiths.

So when we discuss sex toys, or intimacy products as we like to call them, in a Christian context we are really looking at a few key universal values most Christians would relate to: love; intimacy; communication; and respect.

We believe love is a gift, a gift we can share or hold. When we talk love we mean, love for ourselves, love for our partner, and love for the world. Here at Vavven we deeply believe in love and the difference it can make in the world.

This is why we only source ethically manufactured products, this means no child labour, no poor safety conditions, and decent wages. This belief in love is why we campaign for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the hope that one day things such as honour killings and child marriages across the world will be eradicated.

We believe it’s good to love others and love yourself, and that intimacy with your partner is a gift to be treasured and enhanced. This can only happen with communication and respect. Respect for yourself, your partner, and the intimacy and ability you already have to communicate.

There are very few relationships that stand the test of children and everyday life pressure without drifting apart or losing touch from time to time in some way. Vavven wants to help people draw closer together by enhancing their relationships, we want to help people rediscover themselves and their partner.

Intimacy products can help bring a new element of connection to your relationship, they help you communicate and they bring a lot of fun into your bedroom. Vavven has been curated to ensure people and their partners feel safe and comfortable browsing together in the privacy of their own home.

In short, we’re unable to answer the complex and emotional underlying question ‘is it alright for Christians to use sex toys?’ this is a question only you can answer.

However, Vavven is sure to be one of the most ethical suppliers you will find and your love for yourself will help many around the world.


We’re discreet

If you’re concerned about privacy –

  • our packaging is plain yet beautiful and completely discreet, not even the post-person will know what is being delivered
  • we also use Australia Post parcel drop points if you do not want items delivered to your house
  • we’re able to process transactions via direct transfer, money order, and cheque if you don’t want to use our paypal or credit card facilities (you will need to drop us a line for these payment methods as they are not offered at checkout)


We do not sell pornography

Vavven stands against objectification, we think of pleasure in terms of psychology, health and wellbeing, and that being a well-versed, conscious human puts you in control to be aware and shameless when it comes to your own unique sexuality. We provide the space and tools for this exploration, but pornography due to its prescriptive nature is not one of the tools in our tool belt. Having said this, we believe any act which rocks your world, is between consenting adults and not causing harm to others, is healthy. There is a chance some of our blogs may offend you, but just remember the word “inclusive” as this is a part of the Vavven moral code.

Good luck on your journey and we will be here if you ever decide to purchase.

Love the Vavven Team.

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