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Vaginal Dryness It’s Quick And Easy To Solve

2020-09-09T14:35:14+10:00By |Clitoris, LubEd, Lubricant, SexHealth, Vagina, Vulva|

Explore the ins and outs of Vaginal Dryness with us. What vaginal dryness is, how common it is, its symptoms, causes including diabetes and dyspareunia, treatment, how personal lubricants can help, which lubricant base is best, tips on how to apply the lubricant in both the everyday situation and

Pelvic Floor & Kids – Learn the 3 Things You Need to Know

2020-08-30T13:49:47+10:00By |SRHR, Anus, Health, Penis, SexHealth, Vulva|

Why's Pelvic Floor Health Important? If you’re a dad, mum, carer… then you need to have the ‘Pelvic Health’ conversations (note the plural) with your kids. Early healthy conversations teach good lifelong habits and remove the shame associated with the pelvic region. This shame is created by us not

Sexting in 2020 it’s Time to Demand Tech Companies Change

2020-08-30T13:54:13+10:00By |SRHR, Safety, SexAdvice, SexHealth|

What's Sexting? A few sexy images or a steamy text conversation is a great way to spice up the day between lovers. Sexting is sending another person a sexually explicit image or message via any technological means. It's predominantly associated with mobile phones and nude pics sent between

Abortion in NSW Australia Remains a Criminal Matter

2020-08-30T13:57:27+10:00By |SRHR|

This opinion was written in response to MLC Mehreen Faruqi's defeated bill in NSW upperhouse (May 2017). The Bill was to decriminalise abortion in NSW. At the date of posting abortion is still in the criminal code in two Australian States, New South Wales and Queensland. This opinion was

Lubricant Osmolality And Why It’s Important

2020-08-30T14:03:18+10:00By |Safety, Anus, Clitoris, LubEd, Lubricant, Penis, SexHealth, Vagina, Vulva|

Osmolality. What Is It? For our needs osmolality is simply the concentration of a water-based lubricant. If you want to get slightly more technical - Osmolality is a measure of the concentration of dissolved particles per unit of water in a water based liquid and it’s measured in

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