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Safer Sex. Not Just Protection.

Safer Sex

There is more to safe sex than just protection from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). Sex is a mind and body experience, step inside and learn about yourself and your special other(s).

Safe Sexting

Scroll to the bottom to view Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff's sexting TED Talk. Sexting is sending another person a sexually explicit image or message via any technological means. It's predominantly associated with mobile phones and nude pics sent between lovers. They're certainly not uncommon, with 20% of teens 13-19 sending them and 33% of adults 20-26. So if most of our sexting is between consenting people in relationships, what’s the problem with sexting? It’s privacy! But as Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff discusses, our privacy issue with technology is

Parabens In Personal Lubricants

There is a lot of discussion about personal lubricants that contain parabens, a synthetic preservative, and if they are good for you. Well we don’t agree with their use, but we cannot tell you conclusively that they’re bad for your health, all we can do is give you the existing science and let you make up your own mind. What Are Parabens? Parabens are synthetic preservatives that your skin can absorbed. There is a whole family of parbens and they’re made by reacting an alcohol with p-hydroxybenzoic acid

Lubricant Osmolality And Why It’s Important

Osmolality. What Is It? For our needs osmolality is simply the concentration of a water-based lubricant. If you want to get slightly more technical - Osmolality is a measure of the concentration of dissolved particles per unit of water in a water based liquid and it’s measured in milliosmoles per kilogram (mOsm/kg). Why Is Personal Lubricant Osmolality Important? The osmolality of your water based lubricant is of interest because of where you place it, your vulva, anus, or penile urethra (your pee hole). The outer layer of

Oral Dental Dams

A Dam that Makes Oral and Dental Dams Exciting Again Is there anybody out there who doesn’t enjoy good oral sex? Well, we don’t want to exclude anyone, but we’re sure that the vast majority of folks reading this appreciate a good lick now and then. Whether you’re into giving or receiving, though, and no matter what orifice you prefer to romance, it’s crucial that you do so responsibly. That’s why the right forms of protection are a vital step towards the total enjoyment of any sexual act.

Penis Ring Safety (Cock Ring Safety)

Cock ring safety is rarely spoken about, let alone relayed by manufacturers or retailers. So we’re here to chat penis ring safety! The penis is a complex bit of gear, but basically it's a pump system. Your heart and arteries are the pump, pushing blood into and around the penis. An erection is created when a rather tricky biochemical process shuts valve like items in the penis, enabling more blood to enter than leave and in turn building pressure. The pressure from a penis ring creates an artificial

Let’s Talk Butt Sex, Anal Sex is so Lowbrow

Not all sphincters are created equal! Anal sex is so last season, we prefer the more highbrow butt sex! Let’s get into it. So you’re interested in exploring another of your erogenous zones, good for you! The back door has a few extra special rules you must follow. So read to the very bottom of this blog and practice these basic steps: consent, health, communicate, lubricate, and a big dose of patience. #1 Consent All sexual activities are only ever to be between consenting

How To Clean Sex Toys

Knowing how to clean sex toys is a very important skill to help ensure your fun doesn’t become nasty. And believe us, it can become nasty pretty quick when you’re popping your sex toy(s) in orifices where they will come in contact with bodily fluids like, semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, and potentially blood. Depending on your choice of toy, these fluids may either impregnate the surface (porous toys) of your sex toy, or linger on the surfaces of your toys. If these fluids are not thoroughly removed

Sex Toy Safety | 7 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself

My background is in a highly regulated and safety orientated industry. So when I was researching the risks within the sex industry for my social enterprise 'Vavven', I was nothing short of horrified with what I found. I'd expected items purchased for your favourite orifices would be safe for their intended purpose. I expected manufacturing standards and regulations would ensure consumer safety just as they do in so many other industries. But sadly this is not the case. Lack of regulation for this industry means manufacturers of sex toys

When’s my partner ready for sexual experimentation?

Whether you want to explore a fantasy or introduce sex toys, sexual experimentation in relationships is normal and healthy. But that doesn’t mean all your desires will align to that of your partners. So it’s always best to check in with your partner(s) before throwing down something a little out of your ordinary sexual ritual. Our tips to checking in with your partner exploring likes and dislikes are: #1 Talk The best way to determine whether your partner is also ready to experiment is to

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