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Sexting is sending another person a sexually explicit image or message via any technological means. It’s predominantly associated with mobile phones and nude pics sent between lovers. They’re certainly not uncommon, with 20% of teens 13-19 sending them and 33% of adults 20-26.

So if most of our sexting is between consenting people in relationships,

what’s the problem with sexting?

It’s privacy!

But as Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff discusses, our privacy issue with technology is certainly not a new debate. We’ve been here, and we’ve solved it.

So why’s our message just ‘don’t do it’ rather than demanding tech companies implement features to ensure consent levels prior to images being shared? It’s not like industry hasn’t come to the party to solve social issues before, the automobile industry and safety springs to mind.

Many believe creating privacy around digital items is impossible, but it’s not. You can not purchase an e-book and just share it around, your doctor can not share your digital medical files, nor can your bank release your financials to the web.

Part of the barrier to providing consent to images on social platforms, is that their business models are built on the ‘share’. They want you to share, like, and engage, and they want to make this as easy as possible to do.

The second barrier is the lack of practical sexting laws and the will to implement them. For example in the US sharing nude images of persons, even yourself, under the age of 18 is considered child pornography. An American paper from 2012 found people aged 17 and under made up 7% of all arrests for possession of child pornography in the US, this is double the 2000 figures.

And the third barrier is our social tolerance of people who disseminate personal images without consent. Yes as Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff admits, sexting has it’s risks, but so does anything fun, such as ski diving or trying something new. But serious privacy violation shouldn’t be one of the risks of sexting, especially when we have the capability to install technology to prevent it.


Our love stories, short and long, have played out with the assistance of the media of the era for as long as time. Love letters written and passionate sculptures erected to show our lust and love. Dr Hasinoff even brings a great love story of 1886 to our attention, where a boy met a girl via the telegraph, and eloped.

Banning all sexting to solve privacy issues is like banning all dates to solve date rape, it’s illogical. As Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff argues in the TED talk below, the approach we have to sexting is all wrong. We should be focus our efforts on providing digital privacy via consent, rather than discouraging and criminalising it.

Check out Dr. Amy Adele Hasinoff fab sexting TED Talk below.

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