pjur VEGAN glide pjur med vegan glide
pjur VEGAN Med Glide Lubricant

PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is a specially developed, preservative free water-based intimate personal lubricant using vegan ingredients and without any animal testing. It’s gentle on the body and our planet. As a water-based lubricant, PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is compatible with all types of toys and can be easily cleaned off sheets and clothing. Like all PJUR products, PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is made from naturally sourced ingredients.  Always of the absolute highest quality, PJUR products are pH balanced be gentle on … Read More

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pjur med aftershave spray pjur aftershave
pjur After Shave Skin Soothing Spray

PJUR AFTER SHAVE is a calming and moisturising spray that soothes skin after shaving. Shaving of the armpits and intimate areas can cause the skin to become sensitive and inflamed, however this spray can be applied comfortably to relax the skin. Free from alcohol and perfume, PJUR MED AFTER SHAVE is odorless and taste neutral.  In fact, PJUR MED AFTER SHAVE is among the very few anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products with germ-reducing effects that contain no alcohol or perfume additives. … Read More

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Shiri Zinn Minx Vibrator | Vavven™
Shiri Zinn Minx Vibrator – Black

The MINX vibrator is a delightful mix of old world burlesque glamour and high-tech erotic play. This opulent toy is adorned with 12 Swarovski crystals on a stainless steel end cap with feather tail. Described as erotic couture, this glamorous vibrator is designed for internal pleasure and external stimulation. The body is rigid and firm while the powerful vibrations have a variable speed control. The subtle curves along the body create a ribbed feeling to the toy. The feather tail is perfect for tickling teasing … Read More

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Ro-Rosa Vibrator
Ro-Rosa Vibrator

RO-ROSA is a slim streamlined toy designed to stimulate your specific sweet spots. Perfect for beginners or those who like a precise stimulation. The slim fit shape makes for a delicate but powerful insertion.   The body is rigid and hard creating an intense vibrational sensation. For a smooth glide we recommend this toy be used in conjunction with your water-based lubricant of choice. The bulbed base and one button operation makes for easy grip and use.

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Rocks Off Heart Throb Vibrator
Rocks Off Heart Throb Vibrator

The Heart Throb intimate massager can help relieve tension, stress and aches across your body. Its raised and ribbed central mound can help relieve those extra intimate areas. The super silken body-safe silicone can be enhanced with a water-based lubricant of your choice. The structure is firm with slightly flexible edges to contour nicely into the body. There is a choice of 10 vibrations and pulsations to help rouse you to wonderful climaxes. Easily operated from a single button. You … Read More

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Rocks Off Hoopla Vibrator
Rocks Off Hoopla Vibrator

The unique design of the HOOPLA help the user(s) discover new arousing sensations through intimate massage. This toy is perfect for use as a couple or to discover sensational solo delights. This product can be used as an all-over body massager and for external intimate stimulation. The 10 powerful settings are operated by two buttons, one button to turn it on/off and the ‘V’ button controls vibrations. The peachy smooth silicone delivering an elegant sensual massage. The sculpted lines running … Read More

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Rocks Off Rapture Vibrator
Rocks Off Rapture Vibrator

Rocks Off RAPTURE Vibrator ranges from low rumbles to a high powered buzz that penetrate through the body. Rapture is silky smooth, weighty, vibrator giving a satisfying filling sensation.


Latex Free


USB Rechargeable

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