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Fraulein Kink Luxury Bondage Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink Luxury Bondage

Fraulein Kink creates erotic, handmade, luxury bondage which is the perfect blend of sex and fashion. This luxury bondage gear is a treasure and a toy, part jewellery, part apparel, the height of refinement.

This small German label quickly made an international name for itself with their luxurious collections of bondage made from the finest materials, elegant chains, cuffs, collars, and gorgeously unique frill and cat masks.

Fräulein Kink’s luxury bondage is well made sexy fashion, designed to be worn with confidence inside the bedroom and to be a luxury fashion accessory outside the bedroom.

Handcrafted in their Berlin Atelier, this elegant bondage is for the fashion conscious who love flexibility. Flexibility as it is a fashion accessory, a provider of bedroom power, and looks stylish as a single piece or in full collection.

Fraulein Kink is Bondage Clothing

Fräulein Kink Bondage ClothingThe Fraulein Kink collections stand apart from both high class lingerie and the bondage world, not only are many not contingent on body size, all are designed and crafted with what Nicole Herman, the founder of Fräulein Kink, terms “a feminine eye”.

This new way of seeing bondage has allowed Nicole to bring a completely new dimension to the bondage world, luxury exotic bondage.

All of the Fraulein Kink products are also bondage clothing. Elegant bondage clothing designed to make the wearer a powerhouse, a head turner, and the centre of fashion.

All Fraulein Kink products including the cuffs, collars and harnesses make fashionable outerwear. You can style your bondage clothing to be a stunning fashion accessory.

The chains are detachable, so while you can be risqué in the bedroom, you can remove them to create bondage clothing. Hooking the detached chain to your purse or belt makes them one of a kind high fashion wear.

When Nicole Herman designs she certainly has play time in mind, but designing for fashion is always first!

Is Fraulein Kink Light Bondage?

All Fraulein Kink’s designs are reinforced to insure they are not just beautiful to the eye, but that they’re also strong enough for real play.

This is the type of bondage play that allows you to fully explore both the sexual and non-sexual gratification of bondage.

Fraulein Kink’s designs are full of a sense of self power and playfulness. Dominating or submissive, Fräulein Kink’s designs allow you to express yourself in a delightfully refreshing and glamorous way.

Glamorous bondage could only be described as light bondage on the bondage scale, and the perfect way to add some luxury spice.

Any partner will enjoy their time bound or unbound, especially with the tease of a sex toy included.

Fraulein Kink’s Luxury Bondage Material

Fraulein Kink has a common theme in every collection of including “kitten” ears and unique wedding night glamour. These constants in their collection mixed with their intriguing materials choice certainly make this bondage clothing line unique.

The bondage materials are mainly leather with trimmings – fringe, velvet, lace, fur, satin, Swarovski crystals, and 18k gold plate hardware. 

Where Did Fraulein Kink Begin?

In October 2010, Fraulein Kink was founded by Nicole Herman, a New Yorker and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate. Prior to kicking off her own entrepreneurial venture into a fashion label, Nicole had worked for both Lascivious and Très Bonjour.

Nicole felt there was something missing in the erotic accessory market, a product which was decorative and sex positive but not the raunchy image traditionally associated with BDSM. Nicole could see a way to create sexual items of beauty, products which were feminine, high fashion, and luxurious. So when Nicole moved to Berlin (due a German love) she started to fill the market void.

Nicole was inspired by beautiful and strong women, and the market has responded with the same love she puts into her relationship for these handmade erotic treasures. Nicole has had great success with Fraulein Kink in both Europe and in New York. Now Vavven is spawning this love on the Australian market and proud to watch the joy this luxury bondage brings here in Australia.

The key to Fraulein Kink’s success has been their attention to detail with each item created with such glamour it’s elevated from the sometimes intimidating world of bondage to that of high-fashion. This is no 50 shades of grey label; this is a label of self-empowerment, achievement in design, craftsmanship and style.

Nicole Herman has created a seamless blend of sophistication and kink. Other brands like Bordelle, Agent Provocateur and Lascivious have been key players in bringing sophisticated bondage lingerie forward, but Fraulein Kink has been the brand which has created garments which are both costumery and weaponry. Real bondage lingerie to be used for hours of seductive play, these designs demand you explore your current sexual and self-boundaries in a positive and classy way.

Risqué Boutiques Who Sell Fräulein Kink

Fraulein Kink is stocked in only the most divine Risqué Boutiques where quality and your sexual pleasure are everything. You can buy Fräulein Kink at Secrets from Your Sister, Pleasurements, Lily Blossom, Faire Frou Frou, Journelle, and Vavven.

Vavven has a number of ready to buy products which is a real bonus with Fraulein Kink as they are made to order. However, we do stock the full range for your convenience and Vavven supplies them slightly cheaper than the direct purchase. Vavven also give a portion of their profits to aid others in the world to gain sexual wellbeing. So please consider us when you’re ready to buy.

Ways to Use Fraulein Kink for Your Pleasure State

Fräulein Kink Pleasure StateIf you’re looking for a pleasure state, your only limitation with these elegant fetish products is your own imagination. These sexy bondage gifts are for the fashion conscious pleasure seeker who is interested in embracing bondage without the traditional dungeon culture of the hard-core bondage world. This is a world of luxury bondage, the gift any lover is going to really thank you for.

• The extra length on the chains allows your hands to be far enough apart to guide your lover’s head into position during oral sex, then let them know they’ve landed on just the right spot with a gentle press of the chain on the back of their neck.

• Maybe spread your arms apart over your head and fasten them off for some entry level fun. Your legs are still free but your partner can tease you for a long time.

• Or in the dark theatre while watching a show, unclip the chain you added to your clutch bag and drape it across your partner’s legs, running it all the way to their crutch. Enough of this and you may find yourself pleasured in the theatre like never before.

• Surrender may be your thing, clip on your chain and hand it to your partner. Let their imagination do the rest. Being a bondage beginner make this experience extra climatic, no pre-knowledge, no how to, just raw impulse.

Bondage Clothing Makes a Luxury Gift for that Special Other

If your special other’s idea of a luxury sexy and seductive gift is a grey silk tie, well you might want to direct them to our Fraulein Kink range!

If you are concerned about giving such a suggestive gift to your special other, than don’t be. Fraulein Kink is not your ordinary bondage, it’s luxury and on everyone’s secrete wish list with its own pure elegance and quality. All the items are soft on the skin and a fashion item in their own right.

Honestly, who can resist a beautiful gift box with a luxury gift inside which is the height of fashion and a new step in the bedroom? One can only imagine where this will all lead.

Fraulein Kink as a Wedding Gift

Fraulein Kink specialise in wedding gift collections, it is the most gorgeous lingerie bondage any bride could imagine. And let’s face it, after years of living together this is the perfect night to create a memory.

You may want Fraulein Kink’s wedding collection on your honeymoon. Showing your partner how luxury fashion accessories can become their ultimate sexy dream, when transforming after a having worn them out for dinner!

Our wedding collection is made to order in Berlin, so you do need to be an organised bride or bride’s friend!

The wedding collection is actually one of our best selling items and not always for weddings, they look gorgeous for any special evening. It is also rather popular for the bridesmaids to buy this as a surprise gift to encourage the special couple to be adventurous.