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Vavven is proud to partner with pjur med and bring you their range of perfectly formulated products for vaginal dryness and premature ejaculation.

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Vaginal Dryness pjur med Lubricant

Vaginal dryness is a very common problem affecting us at any stage of our life, it causes great distress in our relationships with ourselves and our special others. It is easily treatable, yet so many of us remain silent.

In a perfect world our vagina stays naturally moist and elastic with a thin layer of clear fluid in part triggered by the hormone oestrogen. A decline in oestrogen levels can lead to changes in our vagina and genital tissues. With the vaginal mucosa becoming thinner, dryer and more vulnerable to pain and infections.

Some of the symptoms of vaginal dryness are: loss of vaginal elasticity; thinning and drying of your vaginal lining; irritation, itching and burning; painful intercourse; soreness; discomfort; difficulty exercising.

And its potential causes are many, including: childbirth, breast-feeding, menopause, radiation, chemotherapy, surgical removal of ovaries, anti-oestrogen medications, immune disorders, intense vaginal hygiene, and some tampons

Our products are amazing for helping with vaginal dryness, but due to the many reasons vaginal dryness can occur it’s important you chat with your doctor and make sure it is not a symptom of a much larger issue such as diabetes for example.

Premature Ejaculation

pjur med PRO-LONG delay serum

Sometimes we need a little help to enjoy long-lasting and stress-free lovemaking. pjur has developed a product especially with this in mind, assisting with premature ejaculation.

pjur med PRO-LONG delay serum reduces penis sensitivity but not the sensation without numbing, by reducing friction and sheathing the penis in a protective film.

pjur med PRO-LONG is safe with condoms and ideal for those who would like to last a little longer. However, we do suggest you take five and chat to your doctor before jumping to solve a “problem” which may not actually exist.

Knowledge is king.

Delay Serum

pjur med PRO-LONG delay serum can be applied directly to the penis with or without an erection. 1-2 pumps per application should be enough, but reapply as necessary.

Apply the Serum over the glans (end of penis), and gently dab off (do not rub off) after 15-20 seconds. It is not necessary to wipe away before intercourse but it will prevent your partner from experiencing its effects. Allow the product to set in for a few minutes.

pjur ® med PRO-LONG delay serum is not harmful if ingested and can be used with or without a condom.

Prior to using, skin test the serum on the skin on the underside of your arm (and your partners) to ensure you do not have any reaction. Do not use the serum on infected or irritated skin. If irritation or discomfort develops, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional. The pjur med PRO-LONG delay serum is not a contraceptive and contains no spermicide. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. And the serum is very slippery on surfaces, so clean spills immediately and be very careful if using it in bath or shower.

Yes, rest assured all pjur products are compatible with latex condoms.


A lubricant is a substance that helps to reduce friction. There are many different intimate personal lubricants, but the idea is the same – to provide extra moisture to the intimate areas of your body.

pjur med intimate personal lubricants have excellent skin-friendly properties and are dermatologically tested. They are neutral in taste and odour, free of paraffines, parabens and colour additives. pjur med formulas are hormone free, do not contain spermicidal substances and are latex condom safe.

Lubricant can often mean the difference between amazing sex and painful sex. It has the ability to make things that already feel good, feel even better. And if that isn’t reason enough, lube can also aid in protection from STIs.

Lubricants can be used for various reasons. Although the vagina is self lubricating, the amount of self-lubrication changes for many reasons; stress, exhaustion, hormones, medications, and much more can all play a part. It is important to note that lubrication and arousal do not always reflect each other. So feel no shame when you reach for this handy helping friend. Lubricants can provide a solution – on your own, with your partner, with or without toys.

The anus is not self lubricating so it is basically essential in this zone.

By helping reduce friction, lubricants enhance numerous functions: foreplay, self love, massage, and sexual intercourse.

Keep in mind quality is very important with intimate products, you will apply them in your most sensitive and porous areas meaning lubricants made from toxic materials can by absorbed into your body quite easily and irritate or burn your skin. As a premium provider, pjur guarantees the highest level of quality for all their products.

Lubricants reduce the friction between two surfaces, such as, skin touching skin or skin touching intimate toys or condoms. It allows one surface to glide across the other without grabbing. This can help to reduce genital skin irritation during sex & lower the risk of condoms breaking. It also just feels damn good.

Whatever you need it for, lubricant can be an amazing tool. So grab a bottle and slide yourself into some pleasure!

QualityAll pjur products are made in Germany using selected pure ingredients and subjected to strict quality control. Certifications, external tests and seals of approval from independent organizations confirm this claim.

Expert in lubricants – pjur has 20 years of experience in the development of intimate products world-wide, especially our premium lubricants.

Customer satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is secured by product safety and product quality. There can be no compromise, particularly when it comes to products for the sensitive genital area. In more than 50 countries around the world pjur products stand alone in their guarantee of quality and safety.

pjur water-based lubricants are synonymous with providing soothing moisture to the skin and protect against loss of moisture during use. The formulation is absorbed by the outer layers of the skin and gives a pleasant feeling, of smooth silkiness without becoming sticky or tacky as quickly as other water-based lubricants. Compared to other conventional water based lubricants, pjur has up to six times longer glide. However all water-based lubricants will become sticky unless you are rather quick, just spray a small amount of water on the area to reduce this or try a silicon-based lubricant.

pjur silicone-based lubricants are particularly suitable for the most extremely sensitive skin / mucosa. Silicone molecules do not penetrate the skin, but remain on the surface where they create a long-lasting lubrication and a silky smooth feeling on the skin that will last until you decide to wash it off. They contain no preservatives, are allergy-friendly and dermatologically excellent.

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Yes, pjur lubricants are absolutely neutral with regard to sperm activity, they do not contain spermicide substances nor are they a contraceptive. The formulas are optimally aligned with the pH value of the vagina and thus do not affect the mobility or life expectancy of spermatozoa, nor does it have any influence on the natural vaginal fluid. pjur products stand out for their “neutral” behavior and optimal compatibility and have neither a positive or a negative influence on a desired pregnancy.

Compared to another conventional water based lubricant, pjur has up to six times longer glide time providing a much longer per use life, making your lube go much further.

When you take the quality and actual use period into consideration, pjur lubricants are very good value for money.

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No, due to pjur med’s stringent quality standards all their products are produced without odour and are neutral in taste.

pjur products are subjected to stringent quality and safety management, where pjur med verify their standards day in and day out to ensure they are always producing the best lubricant in the world.

pjur produce quality products that are “Made in Germany”, this means produced and filled. Several pjur products have earned seals of quality with the designation of “very good” from independent consumer institutions.

Product quality and product safety are pjur med’s overriding priority at every step of the process – from the selection of ingredients, to production and on to delivery of the products to their customers.

Before a lubricant can empower anyone it must first be skin compatible.

The skin is the heaviest and most varied organ of our body, spanning 1.5 to 2 m², with an overall weight of 10 kg. It also has a number of the most intimate areas of the human body.

All pjur products and ingredients, are dermatologically tested and absolutely skin compatible, so that they can be used for carefree enjoyment.

As a rule pjur lubricants have a shelf life of 5 years thanks to the degree of purity of the ingredients. A concrete best-before date (shelf life) is indicated on every package.

Well done on creating a wonderful mess, we hope you had a great time making it!

Silicone-based lubricants will stain clothing and bedding if it comes in contact. The stain can not always be removed, however, we have had success after 3 or 4 washes with most commercially available detergents at the garment prescribed temperature.

Good luck you lucky dog you!

Sexual Health

Yes, we recommend pjur med PREMIUM glide for sensitive and highly sensitive skin. The ingredients of this product are of such purity that they ensure ideal skin compatibility. The lubricant provides a protective film on the skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling while ensuring extra-long and sustained lubrication. It has also been confirmed as allergy-friendly in numerous tests.

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Before a lubricant can empower anyone with its effects, it must first be skin compatible.

The skin is the heaviest and the most varied organ of our body, spanning 1.5 to 2 m², with an overall weight of 10 kg and contains some of the most intimate parts of our body.

All pjur products and ingredients are dermatologically tested and absolutely skin compatible, so that you can have carefree enjoyment.

Yes, there most certainly are! Silicone-based products, as well as, the special water-based pjur Woman Nude contain no preservatives, but we go further than that. pjur med PREMIUM glide also leaves out parabens and preservatives for those with extremely sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is included in the set of products recommended by doctors.

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Yes, because many of us suffer repeatedly from mycotic infections pjur recommends not using a water-based products as the glycerin can strengthen bacterial growth.

Instead they suggest pjur med PREMIUM glide which it contains no glycerin. This product’s ingredients are very pure making it ideal for highly sensitive skin. The lubricant provides a protective film over the skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling while ensuring extra-long and sustained lubrication. It has also been confirmed as allergy-friendly in numerous tests.

See pjur med PREMIUM glide lubricant

Yes, pjur recommends pjur med PREMIUM glide lubricant for sensitive and highly sensitive skin. Its pure ingredients make it ideal for skin compatibility. The lubricant provides a protective film on the skin, without clogging the pores, and leaves behind a silky smooth feeling while ensuring extra-long and sustained glideability. It has also been confirmed as allergy-friendly in numerous tests.

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Many of us suffer from vaginal dryness it is very common, especially during menopause, after pregnancy, from ingesting medication after chemotherapy or other hormonal imbalances. It can also be triggered by contraceptive pills, improper intimate hygiene or stress, all having a moisture-reducing effect.

In an ideal world the vaginal tissue is thick and lubricating, forming a clear fluid which reduces skin to skin friction and protecting the vaginal walls. If this fluid cannot be produced in sufficient quantity, sexual encounters become difficult or less enjoyable, even unpleasant and painful. It also makes daily life unpleasant. The sensitive vaginal mucosa can actually become excoriated as a result. Minor injuries can occur, often leading to infection and inflammation.

The solution is simple and uncomplicated we have high quality lubricant to make your life comfortable again, but the actual cause can be very complicated and for this reason we suggest you take a few minutes and chat to your doctor about your vaginal dryness and what may be causing it. Using pjur med lubricant will make life feel better, but it’s very important you uncover what is causing your vaginal dryness and don’t just treat a symptom.

Yes, all the pjur lubricants have been subjected to a strict set of condom tests and compatible with latex condoms

Intimate Hygiene & Care

It is incredibly important for your vagina that you avoid excessive hygiene, your vagina is self cleaning. Many people who suffer repeatedly from vaginal complaints and infections, tend to wash with aggressive substances or use unsuitable hygiene products.

It is best to wash the genital area with water. You should generally avoid using conventional soaps in the vaginal area. Intimate hygiene solutions may be used if necessary but to relieve itching re-lubricate. If you are using intimate hygiene solutions we recommend our pjur med CLEAN spray, as well as, our pjur med CLEAN fleece specifically designed for hygienic cleaning.

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All our lubricants are great to use as part of your daily vaginal care. Select the lubricant that is right for you and apply it daily (and before sex) just as you would your face care products.

All products are great for daily use, but the best is the silicone-based lubricant pjur med PREMIUM Glide. It applies a fine protective film on the skin without clogging the pores. This is particularly recommended before going into the swimming pool or before long bicycle rides.

Spice up your love-making and improve your overall quality of life.

All pjur med products are developed and produced in Germany according to the EU regulations for medical devices class IIa and ISO standard 13485.