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Magical Period Sex … How To Make It Amazing Every Day Of The Month

Magical Period Sex … How To Make It Amazing Every Day Of The Month

I feel like there’s a lot of myths and stigma surrounding period sex that I‘m ready to bust.

Firstly, I’m sick and tired of seeing people’s faces screw up when the topic of periods and sex are brought up in conversation.

Seriously, it’s time to open up to the possibility that there’s SO much more to period sex than just a traditional penetrative fu*k. Time to get over your period phobia.

So, if this sounds like you, and you’re one of those who feels a little ‘icked’ out at the thought of it (or you have a lover who is), here’s a few reasons as to why it’s time to change your tone and embrace magical period sex once and for all.

Embrace the fact that periods are a very normal, natural and beautiful part of life

Menstruation is a right of passage … it’s a beautiful sacred time of each month.

Bleeding on a monthly basis means that our bodies are healthy and cleansing … bleeding is so normal, natural and pure.

If you’re ready to honour love in their entirety, you must honour every little piece of them, even if that includes blood.

Think of period sex as an opportunity to think outside the box sexually.

The options are endless when it comes to fu*cking your lover when they bleeding.

If you’re not ready for traditional penetrative sex, here’s some alternatives to consider:

  • Kissing for hours on end. Yes, JUST kissing can lead to orgasm and deep pleasure.
  • Energetically fucking with tantric breathing and eye gazing … welcome to the world of energetic orgasm … mind blowing
  • Cunnilingus (get over your fear and go down below with a tampon in … because the tampon contains all the blood the pussy will be super clean and it’s a extremely intimate form of oral sex)
  • A bit of fellatio (no explanation necessary, right? Worship your both cock and pussy)
  • Anal play (leading into anal sex if you’re both keen to go there … because let’s face it, anal sex is the perfect alternative if that’s your thing)
  • Mutual masturbation – both self pleasuring next to each other, or watching each other from across the room (this is a personal favourite)

Get dirty and just get to it, you have nothing to lose

If you’re ready to dive in deep and embrace traditional penetrative period sex in it’s entirety, here’s a few simple ways you can make it an enjoyable experience:

  • Jump in the shower. F*ck in the shower and the water will naturally wash away the blood.
  • Use towels – place a couple of towels on the bed (or wherever you choose to have sex) and minimise post-sex clean up
  • Embrace the blood. Yep, that’s right, the reality is you are going to SEE blood, embrace it, it’s ok and it’s natural.

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