Indulge Your Decadence with Luxury Vibrators from Vavven

Did you know that the vibrator got its start as a traditional medical treatment for “hysteria” among women? We’ve certainly come a long way from those days — not only are vibrators much smaller and easier to use, but many more people find enjoyment in them every day. Whether you’d like your vulva to make friends with a new vibe or you’re the owner of a penis curious about vibrations, these products offer a fun and basic way to explore yourself (or consenting partners) sexually. Why restrict yourself to the dull and boring style so common to the adult industry, though? At Vavven, we think that if you want to treat yourself to luxury vibrators, you should!

Take one look at the luxury vibrators crafted by individuals such as Shiri Zinn, and you’ll see the appeal. From their elegant design to their stunning design features (like real Swarovski crystals), one could almost get away with displaying it on a mantelpiece. Almost — but not quite. That might not be the kind of “conversation starter” appropriate for all types of company.

Other possibilities include the artistically styled Tattoo bullet or multi-speed high-tech luxury vibrators like Fun Factory’s MiSS Bi vibe. These and other choices are all available through Vavven. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase helps support global reproductive rights and sexual freedoms. Indulge in your desire to own a sex toy whose design is a cut above the rest and help others at the same time. What could be sexier?