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Sensual Self-Care Rituals That Change The Way You Love Your Body

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Self care really is vital if we want to feel amazing and sensual on a daily basis. If you want to live your best life and feel like you’re the the best version of yourself, you need to maintain good self care in order to live like this. If we want to love others and allow others to experience our sensuality, then we have to start at the source and love your body… this means taking care of our own personal health (mental, physical and spiritual).

Self care rituals are personal and unique and we all like to do different stuff to make ourselves feeling fantastic.

Here are 3 self-care rituals that are easy to incorporate into our weekly routine and are guaranteed to boost our sensuality meters:

Self Care Ritual #1 Full body coconut oil moisture massage

Firstly you will need to have some organic coconut oil ready to go.

Get naked and take small amounts of coconut oil in your hand (if it’s solid, it will melt quickly with the warmth of your palm) and begin rubbing the oil all over your body.

Take time to really enjoy the experience and don’t miss a spot. Once you are covered in oil jump in a hot bath or shower and rinse of the residue.

The oil will make your skin feel silky smooth and soft. This is a great ritual to do before self-pleasure.

Self Care Ritual #2 Take yourself to a bathhouse or day spa

Find your local bath house and spend an hour indulging in the sauna, spa, plunge pool and steam room.

Spending time in a sanctuary like this is great for the soul, not to mention the physical benefits of sweating out toxins.

If you can’t find a bath house, find a day spa where you can indulge in a massage or facial.

Being pampered by others is a beautiful gift to yourself.

Self Care Ritual #3 Buy your favourite chocolate, find a movie on netflix and chill the hell out

We often underestimate how great it can feel to eat some choccie, get cosy on the couch and binge on a great tv series or movie. Find out what’s new on Netflix at https://meaww.com/subcategory/newonnetflix and just start watching!

Many of us feel ‘guilty’ doing ‘nothing’ but reality is most of us need time to zone out and eat our favourite chocolate.

Let go of the need to be doing something sensual and just chill out…you may find that simply taking time to do this is just what you need.

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