Play Nice With Allergies by Using Latex Free Sex Toys

Latex is an amazing material; it’s an incredibly versatile rubber, and it finds many uses, perhaps most particularly in adult products. From condoms to toys, it’s a common material to use in the adult industry, some are completely safe to do so, while others have to play carefully and there are also others that can’t at all.

For those who suffer from a latex allergy, it’s really hard finding a body-safe toy! At Vavven, we’ll be your personal minesweepers, clearing the way to better intimacy and higher levels of personal pleasure.

With a host of latex free sex toys for sale, we’re sure you can find the perfect partner for your personal playtime.

Latex free sex toys most often use silicone instead. Not only do silicone toys lack the sometimes-distinctive odour of latex-based toys, but they also feel nicer due to their silken surface.

Be aware, though, that one can’t mix the super-slippery silicone-based lubes on the market with their latex free sex toys. That can cause an reaction that damages the toy.

Instead, stick to water-based lubricants, which you can also find through Vavven, for a smooth experience.

Everyone should feel free to explore all Vavven’s body-safe products and more, no matter how you identify.

We embrace all bodies and individuals here; it’s a driving part of our philosophy, and why we hope you’ll feel at home shopping here.

Finding a sex toy you can use on your body without concern shouldn’t be a scary affair; it should be a fun and easy shopping experience! Browse our excellent silicone products now, or contact us with any questions.