Finding the Hypoallergenic Sex Toys You Need for More Intimate Fun

When things grow hot and heavy with your partner(s) in the bedroom and the toys start to come out, the last thing anyone involved wants is to trigger an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, for those who must contend with allergies to latex or other materials common in adult items, that’s what can happen.

It’s the opposite of sexy — and that’s no fun for anyone.

At Vavven, you can find several hypoallergenic sex toys you can enjoy without as much concern.

When you’re considering an insertable product like a dildo or a butt plug, how can you know that they are hypoallergenic?

Look for sex toys in our store with the hypoallergenic tag, like the Alex Noise or Paris dildos.

There’ll be no need to call for help with these products — though you might be doing some shouting of another kind.

At Vavven, we want to embrace individuals of every stripe; we all deserve the opportunity to explore our bodies, free from expectations and pressures.

If you need hypoallergenic sex toys to be able to do so safely, we’re all too happy to make sure you have a source.

Find the perfect toy to add to your repertoire today and place your order. We’ll make sure to send it on its way in no time.