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Honouring Your Vagina Begins With Self Pleasure

Vavven Vagina Self Pleasure Juliet Allen

Honouring your vagina begins with self-pleasure and keeping it compact so it’s time to redefine how we think and feel about our vagina’s.

The vagina (aka pussy, cunt, vulva etc) is often overlooked and misunderstood and definitely, in my opinion, not given the attention and love that it deserves.

“Our pussy is like a flower.”

It’s time to honour our vagina’s and treat them like the divine and exquisite temple that they are, allowing only amazing energy and love to enter our sacred space.

All too often we don’t give our pussy the love that it needs and deserves.

When we neglect our pussy it overflows into us not enjoying our sexuality in it’s fullness, and we definitely don’t reap the full benefit and pleasure of sex and love-making with others.

I know some of you out there honour Pussy like the God it is … but I also know that many of you don’t, and it’s time to change your ways.

Our pussy is like a flower (cliche, yes, but true) and for us to open our flower to you, you must meet us with a view that you are entering a sacred temple space.

You must also bring in healthy presence and a deep honouring of us in order for us to completely surrender to your touch and to your sexual energy.

“You must honour your pussy yourself.”

When our pussy feels honoured and a space is created for us to surrender, we will open creating deeper pleasure and increased capacity to experience deeper ecstasy and orgasm.

Before you begin manifesting lovers into your life who honour your temple, you must honour your pussy yourself.

Take time to explore your pussy, massage it, connect with it and give it what it wants and needs.

Begin an intimate and loving relationship with your pussy on a daily basis and feel what it truly desires. Often, this can even lead you to think about expanding your horizons; if you are bold enough and feel so, you can consider going this route and sharing the pleasure you have experienced with others. If you know how to make money selling nudes or that pleasure, we are talking about, then you could even make a couple of bucks, by doing this.

When you can do that for yourself, you will then begin to notice your lovers will open to that energy, and in turn honour your temple in a new and more profound way.


78% of cis women who use sex toys report being in a relationship, getting to know your vagina may be something you do by yourself to kick it off, or it could be a wonderful journey with your special other(s). These suggestions are a great starting place for connection.

Enjoy the journey.

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  1. Andrew Thaler
    | Reply

    so… the worshipping a penis post gives some instructions on what to do… whilst this post about the Vulva seems to sell the readers quite short.. not even a simple instruction on what to do like sending a text message to your ‘temple’ as was suggested for the bloke bit.

    • Vävven
      | Reply

      Aww, you’re so right. We have left detail a little light, promise to make it up soon. V

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