Why Glyde Makes Some of the Best Vegan Condoms Around

Playtime is an important part of life, but it requires the right kind of protection. Even when girls take big cock and hurt their insides, they still wear protection. We all know the importance of wearing a condom before climbing on top of your partner(s), but condoms do much more than just prevent unintended pregnancies. They’re also the barrier between you and many STIs, which can be transferred easily and innocuously if you aren’t wearing a condom, causing lasting consequences.

Some people look at condoms as an inconvenience, a ‘necessary evil’ or something you must endure, but the truth is that the right condoms can enhance your pleasure and keep sex fun. If you’re careful about the brand you purchase, it’s possible to find condoms that do both-offering first class protection while also facilitating a good time. Some condoms come in a variety of bright colours, while others are manufactured with bumps and ridges to stimulate one or both partners during intercourse. Then there are flavoured condoms, which make oral play more fun by offering up the taste of strawberries or cola when you touch them with your tongue.

Flavoured condoms aren’t new, but they’ve raised particular concerns in the past over what goes into making them and how safe they are, especially for people with various dietary restrictions. The good news is that you can purchase flavoured condoms made without the use of animal products, making them completely safe for use by vegans and others with (or without) special dietary considerations. When you’re looking for vegan condoms, you’ll want to make sure that the ones you choose are effective methods of contraception as well as tasty and safe. Some of the best vegan condoms available are made by Glyde, a company that uses high quality natural latex for all its products-flavoured and unflavoured alike.

Where can You Buy Glyde Condoms?

Glyde vegan condoms are easily available online through Vavven™, a new company that sells ethical, high-quality adult toys and lifestyle products as a way of getting people in touch with healthy sexuality. Vavven™ believes in being socially and environmentally ethical, so one-third of our profits goes towards NGOs that work to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in Australia and other countries. When you’re looking for the best vegan condoms, the sensible choice is to buy Glyde vegan condoms through Vavven™ and help make people around the world as safe as you’ll be when you use them.

What Makes Glyde Vegan Condoms the Best?

Glyde uses a special manufacturing process to ensure that their products are some of the highest quality condoms around. This process, called ‘double dipping,’ involves double washing to make sure that the condoms are especially strong without being thicker than other brands. The result is a sheer and ultra-fine sheath that not only feels good and provides excellent protection. This process also eliminates the smell and taste of latex that’s off-putting for many people, making Glyde a safe and delicious choice. Find your favourite flavour or go ‘all natural’!