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Gender Neutral Sex Toys

Why Gender Neutral Sex Toys Are Important To Care About?

Here at Vavven we think of pleasure in terms of psychology, health and wellbeing. And we believe being a well-versed, conscious human puts you in control to be aware and shameless when it comes to your own unique sexuality.

We disagree with gendering sex toys for the following two reasons –

Person Identification

We believe it is important to be inclusive and gendering sex toys prevents us from honouring this value. For example, not all penis owners would identify as being a man. We categorise our products by the erogenous zones they stimulate. We have even changed the name of some of the products we sell to ensure they are approachable to all.


Individual Exploration

We are not here to prescribe your sexuality, we believe it’s important you explore your own sexuality free from social constraints. Sex toys should be introduced for your pleasure, to enhance your feelings, find new ones, and improve your communication. We only have two rules

  1. Ensure all involved are consenting adults &
  2. Don’t ever place anything in your anus that doesn’t have a good sized flared base. Butt Sex Safety.

Vavven™ is a social enterprise selling sex toys and raising funds for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Change a world with your purchase.

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