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Ethical Sex Toy

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Do you want to enjoy some alone time your ChubbyPorn? But you want to do so with a completely clear conscience? Well it’s time to start using ethical sex toys!

Have you ever wanted to experiment with adult toys but felt totally turned off by the way they’re often presented or feel like you’re wasting
on unethical items? You’re not alone; we noticed a whole host of problems plaguing the adult industry and decided to do something about what we saw. As a result, Vavven’s beautiful existence came to be — an organisation that not only sources and sells ethical sex toys, but which also uses the proceeds to help improve the world for all.

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But the term ‘Ethical Sex Toy’ can mean a lot of different things to different people. So what does it mean to us?

The Definition of Ethical Sex Toy

An ethical sex toy is one that is socially and environmentally manufactured, distributed, and marketed.

The social aspect concentrates on three key areas:

  • The production worker health and wellbeing
  • The social impact of objectification, inclusion and the law &
  • The end user health (see body safe sex toys)

The environmental (also called eco-erotic) aspect concentrates on two key areas:

  • Manufacturing environmental standards
  • The end of life disposal

Production Worker Health and Wellbeing

In a perfect world manufacturers would be certified under an independent ethical manufacturing auditing system, however we understand this is a very expensive endeavour.

We do work with manufacturers who have not been certified under these system, but in there place we utilise our own in-depth questionnaire based on international standards.

High level manufacturing management review, discuss areas they do not currently comply with, provide their factory names and locations, and provide Vavven the right to audit any of their factories at least once every 18 months.

Obviously we have a few deal breakers, but on the whole we do not let the perfect get in the way of the good.

The intent of our ethical test is to: create ethical work practice awareness; ensure we are working with a company who is working towards the perfect; & help these manufactures improve their standards.

Our manufacturing ethics questionnaire covers: child labour; forced labour; health and safety including provision of personal protective equipment (and training), manufacturing equipment certification and guarding, and building standard; living conditions and freedom to come and go if the manufacturing facility provides a living situation; pay equality; working hours; and compensation methods ie does it meet local laws, minimum wage and payment method (cash, bank transfer).

Social Impact of Objectification, Inclusion & The Law

Social Impact

  • We seek products with marketing that treats people as a subject of interest, not the object of interest. This doesn’t mean we are anti-body display or anti-sensual, it just means we are anti-displaying a body as an object for consumption. We only market our products with the same ethics.
  • We do not stock products with offensive names, or connections to sexually abusive behaviour.
  • We present in a gender neutral form, focusing on pleasure areas rather than on what society determines a gender should enjoy. We also change product names to remove gender where required.
  • We see sexual and reproductive health and rights fundamental for all no matter what your politics, age, gender, ability, race or religious belief. This also extends to sexual pleasure and we work hard to be inclusive, bridge the orgasm gap, and normalise the conversation of sex and pleasure.

Illegal products

We do not stock illegal products.

  • There are many products available on the market, sexual supplements or additives in enhancement creams, which are banned by different authorities. We do not stock these products.
  • We operate from New South Wales, Australia. In this state it is legal to buy and watch pornographic material containing consenting adults, but it is not legal to sell such material. We do not sell pornographic material.

End User Health (Consumer Health)

We only provide body safe sex toys.

We provide free and easily accessible information on sexual pleasure, sexual health, and how to use products safely.

Manufacturing Environmental Standards

If the sex toy or lubricant manufacturing factory does not have independent environmental certification, we use our manufacturing questionnaire which looks at environmental protection in the following areas: government certification; environmental policy; and the environmental management system, where we are interested in management of waste water, hazardous waste, and air pollution.

Again high level manufacturing management review, discuss areas they do not currently comply with, provide their factory names and locations, and provide Vavven the right to audit any of their factories at least once every 18 months.

End of Sex Toy Life Disposal

Vavven provides a sex toy recycling program, where consumers can post their cleaned unwanted sex toys and we’ll recycle them.

We also provide electronic waste disposal information with every product sold.

There is nothing like a bit of eco-erotica to make you feel good.

So Why Are Ethical Sex Toys (Ethical Erotica) Important?

Well the world is changing, yes we are still very much prudes at heart, but although many do not scream about their sexual pleasure from the roof tops, the numbers tell us you are actively seeking it.

Google records pornhub as having over 6 million direct hits per month in Australia alone, worldwide the sex toy industry is estimated at over $15 Billion (yes that was a ‘b’) and has one of the highest growth rates of any industry.

So no matter what outward face you wish to portray, many of you are interacting with the sex toy industry. The intriguing thing is there is no ‘type’, no particular person who explores this world. Sex toys are explored by single and partnered, by young and old, by liberal and conservative, by faith based and atheist, and every sexual orientation.

Yes the numbers are saying a very large sector of society is dipping their toe in the sex toy water, seeking sexual pleasure. But during our research to form a social enterprise the one thing that stood out was societies perception of the sex toy industry, due to its connection with that dirty word – pleasure.

Society finds sexual pleasure an extremely complicated concept to deal with. Rather amusing considering we are open to condom marketing, a completely redundant item if you’re not having sex for pleasure! Now do NOT think for one second we are not massive believers in sexual health, we are. We’re just simply pointing out yet another odd social behaviour.

The issue with holding this prudish face for the public is that the sex toy industry has been pushed into the seedy shadows, shadows which have stripped the industry of regulations, where not all products available are body safe.

We believed there was a place in the market for a sex toy retailer that provided a safe and educational space to gain sexual pleasure, a place which only stocked body safe products, and a space driven by the ethics of clean values.

Because as Erica Lust would say

“The sex can be dirty, but the values must be clean.”

Our main focus on the sex toy arm of the business is on ethical sexual pleasure. We aim to help you become comfortable with self pleasure, to understand what feels good for you as a unique being. Which will enable you to communicate with your special other(s), and create greater sexual pleasure in your relationships.

And we also aim to help you bridge any orgasm gap (pleasure gap) which are so common in hetro-sexual relationships, and are very similar to the ones you can get when you watch suggestive videos like those on https://www.hdsexvideo.xxx/categories/3571/grandmother. But of course, where you get your orgasm from is determined by you.

Our founder, Jacqueline Haines, is a feminist who believes in equality beyond career and carving up the house work. She believes in orgasm equality. We understand sex toys help couples communicate and provide the clitoral stimulation that is required to great mutual satisfaction.

In Summary

Sex is something we should all be free to embrace in our unique ways, free from shame or guilt. Unfortunately, that’s a reality difficult for some to even imagine in many parts of the world. Vavven takes one-third of all our profits and forwards them directly to non-governmental organisations around the planet working to improve sexual health and reproductive rights. Not only can you begin to explore your curiosities with ethical sex toys, but you can support changing lives as well.

So in short, when we talk about ethical sex toys, we mean products produced in an ethical, non-exploitative environment, using body-safe materials. We then bring these items to you free from the everyday objectifying language you might usually see. Instead, we want you to know what the products are, what they’re best at, and who might enjoy them. It’s that simple. So before you head over to Fucked Tube or hop in the sack with a partner, why not explore what Vavven offers today and see what there is to discover for yourself?

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