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Eco Friendly Sex Toys

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Tips on Shopping for Eco Friendly Sex Toys

Sex toys are fun to play with, but they certainly feel a lot better when you can rest easy with the knowledge that they were produced using ethical and eco friendly methods. There’s a lot to be said for a toy that stimulates you properly, but you can say even more for one that represents a step forward for sexual development and well-being around the globe. Environmental friendliness is also a plus, which is why shopping for eco friendly sex toys through Vavven™ is a smart and responsible consumer choice.

Manufacturing Environmental Standards

Vavven reviews all of their sex toy environmental manufacturing standards. If the sex toy or lubricant manufacturing factory does not have independent environmental certification, we use our manufacturing questionnaire which looks at environmental protection in the following areas: government certification; environmental policy; and the environmental management system, where we are interested in management of waste water, hazardous waste, and air pollution.

High level manufacturing management review, discuss areas they do not currently comply with (we do not work with companies with issues we consider deal breakers), provide their factory names and locations, and provide Vavven the right to audit any of their factories at least once every 18 months.

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Our Focus is on Ethical Sex Toys, Eco Friendly Just Happens to Be a Really Nice Bi-product of This Search

Vavven™ works to support the development of sexual and reproductive health and rights in communities here in Australia and around the world, by donating a third of our proceeds to NGOs who champion these causes. We also screen our suppliers carefully to ensure that they use fair work practices, transparent production methods, and high standards of quality. As a result, we stock a wide variety of eco friendly sex toys and body safe lifestyle products, from condoms to masturbators, lingerie, and penis rings.

The next time you’re in the market for eco friendly sex toys that will quite literally make you feel good all over, contact Vavven™ or browse through our catalogue. We’ll be more than happy to help you connect with the right toy so that you can connect more deeply with yourself or the people you love. At Vavven™, our vibes change lives, so don’t hesitate. Give us a try today and experience enlightenment through orgasm.

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