Dame Kip Lipstick Vibe Purple Front
Dame Kip Lipstick Vibe

Dame Kip is simply the perfect lipstick vibe – easy to hold, strong, and stylish.

Whisper quiet



Waterproof, Medical Grade Silicone, USB Rechargeable

Only available in purple

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Vavven Questions For Couples
Questions For Couples

100 Questions for couples to playfully work through as a toolkit for their relationships. Designed by leading experts, this relationship focused card game gets lovers talking to one another and their friends about who they are, who they hope to become, some of the things they secretly want, and the pleasures & sorrows of love.

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Relationship Questions
Relationship Questions

100 Questions – Conversation Toolkit The card game to curate exceptionally entertaining and meaningful conversations. 100 Questions offers carefully designed questions on beautiful cards that help spark up great conversation. Perfect to play with friends, old and new.

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