Dame Kip Lipstick Vibe Yellow Front
Dame Kip Lipstick Vibe

Dame Kip is simply the perfect lipstick vibe – easy to hold, strong, and stylish.

Whisper quiet



Waterproof, Medical Grade Silicone, USB Rechargeable

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Fun Factory Fun Cup

FUN FACTORY’s menstruation cup brings a new twist on freedom and comfort

Holds 4 to 6 times what a tampon holds

Great for active users

Comes with a storage bag


Waterproof, made from medical grade silicone

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Rocks Off Bamboo Bullet Vibrator
Rocks Off Bamboo Bullet Vibrator

ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED > ‘Petite and discreet yet oh so very powerful’ Described as a mini vibe, BAMBOO is designed with discretion in mind. Shaped like a lipstick case but slightly larger, the streamlined design means it can easily slip into a handbag or manbag. The pointed tip delivers pinpoint, precise, focused vibrations with a powerful intensity. The rigid metallic-plated exterior give a silky-smooth feel that transfers the vibrations with accuracy. We highly recommend use with lubricant for optimal stimulation. Ideal … Read More

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Vavven Glyde Condoms
Glyde Condoms Latex Tasting Pack

Note: Each unit contains 5 individual condoms.

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Vavven Glyde Condoms
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Ro-Rosa Vibrator
Ro-Rosa Vibrator

ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED > RO-ROSA is a slim streamlined toy designed to stimulate your specific sweet spots. Perfect for beginners or those who like a precise stimulation. The slim fit shape makes for a delicate but powerful insertion.   The body is rigid and hard creating an intense vibrational sensation. For a smooth glide we recommend this toy be used in conjunction with your water-based lubricant of choice. The bulbed base and one button operation makes for easy grip and use.

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