Pelvic Floor & Kids Sexual Health

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Why's Pelvic Floor Health Important? If you’re a dad, mum, carer… then you need to have the ‘Pelvic Health’ conversations (note the plural) with your kids. Early healthy conversations teach good lifelong habits and remove the shame associated with the pelvic region. This shame is created by us

Abortion in NSW Australia Remains a Criminal Matter

2017-06-19T13:38:16+10:00 By |SRHR|

This opinion was written in response to MLC Mehreen Faruqi's defeated bill in NSW upperhouse (May 2017). The Bill was to decriminalise abortion in NSW. At the date of posting abortion is still in the criminal code in two Australian States, New South Wales and Queensland. This opinion was

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)???

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Woo yeah, we have some heavy content here people, but stay with us! Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) affects all genders. It’s a broad term used to categorise four sub sectors: sexual health; sexual rights; reproductive health; and reproductive rights. To unpack this a little more…