Magical Period Sex … How To Make It Amazing Every Day Of The Month

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I feel like there’s a lot of myths and stigma surrounding period sex that I‘m ready to bust. Firstly, I’m sick and tired of seeing people’s faces screw up when the topic of periods and sex are brought up in conversation. Seriously, it’s time to open up to the possibility

Sex Toy Safety | 7 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself

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My background is in a highly regulated and safety orientated industry. So when I was researching the risks within the sex industry for my social enterprise 'Vavven', I was nothing short of horrified with what I found. I'd expected items purchased for your favourite orifices would be safe for their

When’s my partner ready for sexual experimentation?

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Whether you want to explore a fantasy or introduce sex toys, sexual experimentation in relationships is normal and healthy. But that doesn’t mean all your desires will align to that of your partners. So it’s always best to check in with your partner(s) before throwing down something a

3 Signs You’re A Sexually Empowered Being

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Becoming a sexually empowered being isn’t always a smooth ride…in fact for many of us it can be painful and challenging and it takes a brave person to move through the journey with confidence and courage. Feeling sexually empowered is a unique experience and feeling for each individual…for some it may

A Guide To Worshipping The Penis

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Worshipping the penis... There are some who view the penis as nothing more than a protruding long tool that is used with little sensitivity or thought … these people often feel resentment towards cock and can’t bare the thought of wrapping their mouth around it. And then there