pjur analyse me anal comfort serum
pjur Analyse Me anal comfort serum

pjur Analyse Me Anal Comfort Serum provide comfortable anal sex by forming a protective film which reduces sensitivity, but not sensation as there is no numbing effect.

Formulated for comfortable anal sex

Compatible with latex condoms

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pjur VEGAN glide pjur med vegan glide
pjur VEGAN Med Glide Lubricant

ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED > PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is a specially developed, preservative free water-based intimate personal lubricant using vegan ingredients and without any animal testing. It’s gentle on the body and our planet. As a water-based lubricant, PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is compatible with all types of toys and can be easily cleaned off sheets and clothing. Like all PJUR products, PJUR VEGAN MED GLIDE is made from naturally sourced ingredients.  Always of the absolute highest quality, PJUR products are pH balanced … Read More

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pjur med aftershave spray pjur aftershave
pjur After Shave Skin Soothing Spray

ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED > PJUR AFTER SHAVE is a calming and moisturising spray that soothes skin after shaving. Shaving of the armpits and intimate areas can cause the skin to become sensitive and inflamed, however this spray can be applied comfortably to relax the skin. Free from alcohol and perfume, PJUR MED AFTER SHAVE is odorless and taste neutral.  In fact, PJUR MED AFTER SHAVE is among the very few anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products with germ-reducing effects that contain no alcohol … Read More

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