BS Atelier Custom Dildos

BS Atelier Custom Dildos

BS Atelier’s erotic products are a visual feast, from colourful butt plugs to Jackson Pollock type designed dildos. They are bright, welcoming, affordable, and designed for your body.
These custom dildos, penis rings, butt plugs and pelvic floor dilators are made by hand in Madrid and sold in Australia by Vavven. Being handmade these beautiful products are not mass produced, so no two pieces are ever identical.
BS Atelier comes from the names of the two founders, Beatriz and Sabela. Their tag line is “Erotic Goods for Nice Sex”, the nice sex comes from the products being anatomically designed to target different stimulation zones.
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BS Atelier’s cheerful products are born from quality craftsmanship, the love and dedication they have given to recreating an old craft, their artisan values, and bringing both design and timeliness to the erotic.
BS Atelier has an outstanding eye for the aesthetic and the level of focus they afford during their design to the anatomic, gives the body spectacular form. Ensuring these handcrafted dildos stimulate the erogenous zones intended.
Sex toy shape is not the only consideration when BS Atelier design, they also ensure their silicone and its additives are bodysafe. And that the BS Atelier silicone is the perfect combination between strength and flexibility, allowing the bespoke sex toys to adapt to different anatomies to locate the intended erogenous zones.
The BS Atelier body safe silicone can be heated or chilled to create temperature variation sensation which complements the erogenous pressure sensations.
These temperature sensations are a delightful way to begin your foreplay, but the BS Atelier sex toys will soon take on your body temperature which is also very soothing.

BS Atelier Colourful Dildo

BS Atelier Body Safe Sex Toy

BS Atelier’s manufacturing process and quality body safe silicone means their toys are pleasure items you will have for a long time.
They only use medical grade silicone and pigments that do not contain phthalate, they’re hypo-allergenic, they do not contain toxic substances, and are easy to clean.
This is important as the sex toy industry is unregulated. Vavven only sells body safe sex toys and BS Atelier is one of our favourite manufacturers to work with, as they understand body safe means more than just bodysafe materials.
When you’re enjoying the visual and physical stimulation of your bespoke BS Atelier dildo, it can be with confidence.

BS Atelier Hand Made Sex Toys

With Such a High Quality Silicone What Does It Feel Like?

BS Atelier Body Safe Silicone
BS Atelier Image
The BS Atelier silicone has different elasticity, the bounce back when you squeeze the silicone, with each design. The change in elasticity is dependent on what it was designed for.
This is also true of the flexibility, they are all flexible enough to move in any direction you desire, but they require pressure to maintain the new shape i.e. the moment you release the pressure the sex toy will snap back into its original form.
The Fun Factory silicone is often discussed for its gripping texture due to its high quality and soft velvet / silk feel, so asking about the silicone feel is a very natural question.
The BS Atelier silicon has a grip, but it’s less than that of Fun Factory silicone and certainly nothing noticeable with lubricant. The silicone does pitch up lint and dust as does the Fun Factory silicone and should just be rinsed under water before use.

Where Can You Buy BS Atelier Dildos?

All over the world – Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Toronto, Sydney (Vavven), London, Madrid …
Vavven only sell ethical sex toys and love their relationship with BS Atelier due to their ethical, environmental, and body safe focus. Vavven are also a social enterprise changing the face of the sex industry, creating a sex positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Do Handmade Sex Toys Have Defects?

BS Atelier Handmade Sex Toy
BS Atelier Image
No matter what you’re selecting from our high quality BS Atelier range, handmade butt plugs, dildos, penis rings or pelvic floor dilators they’ll have the occasional slight flaw.
This is the nature of working with silicone by hand, but nothing ever goes out if it would affect the toys integrity of the customer’s safety.
We also provide a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects for our BS Atelier product range.

Why Doesn’t BS Atelier Sell Vibrators?

Originally BS Atelier thought they would introduce motors to their products to create vibration, but over time they dismissed the thought many based on listening to their customer feedback on what they most enjoyed about these erotic toys.
They felt manually using these anatomically crafted erotic toys gave the used a much greater field of depth to their sexuality offering through greater user flexibility.
It also meant their products remained long lasting, eco-friendly, and waterproof. All of these handmade erotic pleasure toys fit in a harness or they can be used by hand, giving them both the movement and the rhythm you desire.

What is an Anatomically Correct Sex Toy?

There are two ways to look at this
  1. The toy is made to look and feel like a certain part of the body or
  2. The toy is designed specifically to simulate a certain part of the body.
BS Atelier Anatomically Correct Sex Toy
BS Atelier Image
  • The BS Atelier Kakoa is a slightly curvier dildo running down the girth and also an overall slight curve, which is perfect for all kinds of vaginas, even the hyposensitive, as it fits all bodies.
  • Those dedicated to the G-spot are designed with a pronounced curve to tap the G-Spot for stimulation when the dildo enters the body.
  • Whereas the BS Atelier NUDE is a hyperrealist sex toy. It’s an amazing reproduction of a penis, with a firm body and a very soft head. Bringing these two sensations together allows the firmness needed for handling and penetration, but the head is so soft the stimulation is very sensual.
  • BS Atelier’s custom Butt Plugs come in different forms. The slim and tappers butt plug as a great anal introduction toy, starting very slim and gradually widening. While the butt plug with bulbs or balls provides an enhance orgasm.
  • BS Atelier’s double dildos are for use between two vaginas or a vagina and anus. They can be used with or without a harness, but the person controlling the thrusting motion needs to have a vagina. They insert the smaller segment of the dildo into their vagina and then uses the other to penetrate either their special others vagina or anus.
Vavven Alex Noise Dildo
Alex Noise Dildo

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Medical grade silicone

Made to order

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