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Body Safe Sex Toy

Body Safe Sex Toys

When you’re chasing pleasure, you should be completely comfortable with the toys you use, and this applies to more than just the shape and size of the items in question—there’s also safety to consider. Is this sex toy safe for my body? Body safe sex toys are important because unlike so many other industries, the sex toy industry is relatively unregulated.

Why aren’t sex toys regulated?

There’s no logical reason, other than sex toys are still viewed as immoral (you dirty beast you!)

The conversation of immoral is a post for another day, but we question how enhancing communication between yourself and your partner is immoral, or learning how to sexually satisfy yourself is immoral.

But like it or lump it, no government body regulates sex toys safety. They do however, certainly regulate sex toy morality. And it’s this moral regulation which has caused the humble sex toy to become a commodity which is sold as a ‘novelty item’ and hence unregulated.

The use of ‘novelty item’ means the item is not for use in the body, which has allowed manufacturers to sidestep regulations which govern body safe products in other categories. Now this is actually something we feel could be called immoral.


So what does unregulated mean?

Well a lack of regulation means consumers of sex toys are not protected by manufacturing standards and regulations which are in place to keep consumers safe in other industries.

This means manufacturers of sex toys are relatively free to manufacture their products as they wish, from almost any material and in any form. And they do.

Many sex toys on the market have been manufactured for materials banned for bodily use, or not fit for their intended purpose.

The outcomes of using non body safe sex toys can be serious, ranging from skin burns and irritations, to surgery, and in rare cases, worse.

Ok but what is a body safe sex toy?

Body safe sex toys are sex toys that are safe for their intended use, manufactured from non-toxic and non-porous materials, and electrically sound.

When discussing body safe sex toys most of the information available will focus on cleaning and sex toy material toxicity. While both of these areas are certainly important, as sex toys and lubricants are used in our most porous and sensitive bodily areas where toxic materials can by absorbed easily, there is more to a body safe sex toy than just material and hygiene.


Body safe sex toy materials guide

When looking at materials, look for nonporous and non-toxic materials. Search for wording such as bodysafe, food grade, or medical grade.

Body safe sex toys are typically made from:

  • Silicone: be aware silicone can have toxic additives;
  • Glass: make sure it will not break. This is both a material and process check ie borosilicate glass (Pyrex) is normally good, but you need to ensure the manufacturer is reputable enough to have quality checking and also complete your own pre-use check;
  • Metal: Ensure a smooth finish and only use non-toxic metals;
  • Wood: A great product material is coated correctly (we don’t want splinters in those areas) with a non-toxic coating;
  • ABS plastic: Note ABS can also have toxic additives;
  • Ceramic: See glass comment on breakage;
  • Latex is also body safe: But before using latex equipment, it’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t allergic.

Follow these links to learn more about sex toy material safety  & sex toy cleaning.

To truly have a body safe sex toy and reduce the potential for serious outcomes which involve your favourite orifices, you also need to look at their electrical and functional safety.


What is electrical safety?

Well the importance of electrical safety is self-explanatory.

All sex toys are actually covered under the electrical standards of the countries they are being sold in. However, this doesn’t mean you’re getting an electrically safe sex toy. Just look at the massive number of electrically unsafe children’s toys which hit the market every year. If these items are not getting picked up, it’s not very likely your sex toy will.

The best way to protect yourself and your special other(s) is to only purchase your sex toys from a reputable retailer who understands their legal responsibility.

What is functional safety?

Each sex toy is designed for a different use and can be dangerous if misused. For example lubricant is designed to assist with reducing friction during sexual pleasure, but if used in the shower or the bath can create a bone breaking slippery surface.

But most would agree a missing sex toy maybe worst than a broken bone!

It’s possible for sex toys which were not designed for anal play to be sucked back into your anus and require surgery for removal. It’s possible for sex toys to lodge behind the pelvic bone, and it’s also possible to get a sex toy stuck on an erect penis and cause serious damage.

We think you get the picture. See Sex Toy Safety | 7 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself

How do I find a body safe sex toy?

By now you’re wondering ‘should I even bother playing with sex toys?’

YES, yes, yes, you should.

Firstly because these safety issues occur more when people use household items rather than sex toys, and secondly, because we believe it’s important to have a fulfilled sex life and to also narrow the orgasm gap.

You just need to ensure you purchase your sex toys from a reputable retailer who knows how to impose their own regulations to improve your safety.

For your future sexual health it’s crucial you shop for body safe sex toys, looking at form, function, and electrical safety.

Want to learn more?

We believe comfort is of particular importance when sexual pleasure is on the table, and only body safe sex toy can provide true comfort.

To learn more about basic sex toy safety, anal play, penis ring safety, or sex toy cleaning, follow the links below.

When you’re shopping for a body safe sex toy, Vavven™ is an excellent starting (and finishing) point. Our approach to selling sex toys and adult lifestyle products is ethical and unique—we champion equality of opportunity and responsible use in equal measure, which means that all our products are body-safe. The cherry on top is that we donate one-third of our proceeds to NGOs who support sexual and reproductive health and rights in various communities, so your custom helps to support a good cause. Contact us or browse through our stock online, and find out just how good using a body safe sex toy from Vavven™ can feel.

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