Vavven sells body safe, ethical sex toys.

We also provide education, resources and other lifestyle products in a way that is non-objectified, socially conscious, sex-positive and geared to a modern day individual, regardless of their age, gender or lifestyle. In doing so, Vavven™ hopes to pioneer the way for empowerment and equality of opportunity.

Vavven™ is a social enterprise paving the way to explore modern sexuality in a way that is socially conscious and ethical to the consumer, with informed editorial, educational resources and a virtual store selling ethically manufactured lifestyle and intimacy products.

Vavven™ is bringing together gender, identity and sexuality to celebrate intimacy and sex-positive attitudes.

We all know sex sells, so Vavven™ has been set up as a social enterprise to pay it forward by donating one-third of profits to the Non Government Organisations that champion Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Vavven™ is a

Game Changer

Our Vision

To support global access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights as a way to achieve universal equality of opportunity.

Our Mission

To help society talk about sex and give them world changing ethical sex values.

Our Values

Equality of Opportunity

Empathetic, realistic, humanistic and passionately striving to give everyone in the world an equal starting point from birth. We’re here for a good time, not a long time. We forge forward with our best intentions and try to leave the world a better place than when we found it. It’s this ethics-focused business mindset that means Vavven™ runs as a social enterprise. Vavven™ is contributing value to society by building ethical, profitable and globally-minded relationships across the world.

Sex Positive

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me… and how lucky we are to have the freedoms we do. Sex is a basic human need. It brings life and it brings pleasure. But for some, it is a source of fear, shame or pain. We’re here to change attitudes, focus on health, provide education, campaign for equality of opportunity, create dialogue and celebrate intimacy with others and ourselves. We don’t believe in sexualising or objectifying – We simply stand here as individuals to say that it’s ok – nay, important – to talk about sex and to enjoy it.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re trying to change the world, sure, but we don’t believe in guilting people. We’d rather make light of serious topics and taboos in order to make them more approachable. This friendly and personable brand persona is witty, quirky but still classy. This offbeat attitude means they don’t quite fit in the box. But that’s ok – by being outside of the box, Vavven™ is able to look at both the big, and the little, things in life differently.


Vavven™ values health, safety and quality above all else and recognises the need for regulations where they don’t currently exist. We extensively screen our suppliers for fair work practices, transparency in their production chain and quality standards with the view to supplying body safe lifestyle products. We take our sex seriously and only wants the very best for you.


All you need is love, but you don’t need another to start. Vavven™ is relationship-oriented. We’ll encourage you to love yourself just the way you are and loves that when given a choice you choose to help and love others. We also want to connect you to the other great minds that think alike! There is a whole movement out there sweeping the world and we want to plunge you into it.

Our Vibes Change Lives™

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