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A Guide To Worshipping The Penis

Vavven Worshipping The Penis Juliet Allen

Worshipping the penis…

There are some who view the penis as nothing more than a protruding long tool that is used with little sensitivity or thought … these people often feel resentment towards cock and can’t bare the thought of wrapping their mouth around it.

And then there are those who view the penis with adoration and love … who see it as a pure pleasure wand of light and sensuality, and invite it into their sacred space just as they would invite a God into their temple.

Are you ready to take your worship of cock to a whole new level? Are you ready to give your cock owner the love and adoration that they deserves? If you are, here’s a few ways you can embrace the beauty of your partner’s most prized possession:

Complement The Penis

Shower your partner with genuine, loving compliments about their penis. Tell them what you love about it … go out of your way to give them compliments.

Next time they are at work, send them a message telling them just one thing you love about their cock.

Next time you begin undressing them, touch their cock with love and stroke it whilst telling them how fu*cking hot their cock is.

Remember, be honest and sincere, only say things you truly mean and speak from your heart.

Receive it with love, whether that be in your pussy, mouth or ass

Adore it, touch it, caress it, lick it, kiss it, feel it in your mouth … worship their cock like a temple and, when you’re ready, receive it fully, allowing every inch to enter you with complete love and adoration.

Give your partner a lingam massage

Every penis loves having a good massaged.

Firstly, make sure your partner is comfortable and communicate to them that this is about their pleasure and that they have permission to just relax and enjoy.

Using organic coconut oil and warm hands, begin slowly with gently strokes and caresses.

Begin slowly, very slowly, make it last. Savour every single moment.

Don’t rush.

Stroke your partners perineum (the area between their balls and anus).

Ask what they enjoy.

Listen to their breathing and sounds.

Connect with your partners lingam with your heart.

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