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4 Communication Tips That Will Change Your Sex Life Instantly

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We all know that great communication is the key to a great sex life, but the fact is, communicating about sex is easier said than done.

The topic of sex often feels awkward to bring up, plus it may trigger emotions within us that can leave us feeling vulnerable and raw.

So, how do we feel more comfortable talking about sex? And what’s the best way to bring it up with our partner?

Communication Tip #1 Get clear on your belief system surrounding sex

If you’re committed to a great sex life, it’s important that you explore what your values and beliefs are surrounding the topic of sex.

I recommend journaling about this and getting really clear on how you feel about it and what you want your sex life to look like. If you don’t know your own preferences, how do you expect your partner to know? If unsure of what you actually like and find pleasure in, you could always watch videos on sites like xxxtube1.com, either alone or with your partner, and see what gets you aroused. Doing this with your partner can make your relationship more exciting but doing it alone can help you explore your own mind and body.

When you have clarity around your views it’s easier to communicate them to your partner.

Communication Tip #2 Find someone outside your relationship to talk to you about sex

Sex is still somewhat taboo and this means that many of us keep quiet and don’t talk to anyone about it (let alone our partners).

If you want to feel more comfortable talking about sex, I recommend you find a sex coach or therapist to bounce ideas off and chat to.

This gives you a healthy, non-judgmental outlet to vent.

Communication Tip #3 Be open to listening and respecting the views of your partner

Stop thinking that you are ‘right’ and your partner is ‘wrong’.

You both have different views and experiences of sex, be open to listening to your partner and respecting what they say and how they feel.

Communication Tip #4 Feel confident in who you are sexually and what you stand for

Confidence is sexy!

Don’t hold back in embracing yourself as a sexual being and this will shine through in your communication. Another way to embrace yourself is to use items that promote (or boost) a positive self-image. True Pheromones body sprays are one example of such a product. These scents have a nice fragrance that makes you want to spend more time with your partner.

Identify if you feel any shame and guilt around sex (most of us do) and do your best to deal with that (again, find a sex coach).

Once you’ve dealt with the guilt and shame you will feel more confident and able to embrace your true sexual nature.

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