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3 Signs You’re A Sexually Empowered Being

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Becoming a sexually empowered being isn’t always a smooth ride…in fact for many of us it can be painful and challenging and it takes a brave person to move through the journey with confidence and courage.

Feeling sexually empowered is a unique experience and feeling for each individual…for some it may be about power and strength, for others it may be about vulnerability and love.

So, what are the signs of a sexually empowered being?

Sign #1 You are confident within yourself

Confident people are sexy.

Those who are confident with who they are and what they love are a pleasure to be around.

Those who are confident in all areas of their life are more often than not, confident when enjoying sex.

Feeling confident is an essential ingredient to feeling empowered sexually.

Lovers who are confident are a pleasure to f*ck.

Sign #2 You are open to self-development

Self-development is a key ingredient to feeling empowered.

Those who have the courage and wisdom to search within and deal with their shadows are brave.

Brave people face what it is that’s holding them back from being the best version of themselves and move through life feeling lighter, brighter and energised.

Don’t be afraid to face the scary stuff that moves within you and heal old wounds that hold you back from opening wide to sex and intimacy.

Sign #3 You accept and adore your body

Sexually empowered beings look after their body and learn to love and adore it just the way it is.

Our body is what contains our soul…sexually empowered beings respect and love their skin, their genitals and their minds. Sexually empowered beings worship their body as they would worship a lover.

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