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3 Myths About Introducing Sex Toys That Need Busting

“Sex toys can literally change your sex life overnight” Juliet Allen

Sex toys can literally change your sex life overnight and introducing the right toy into an existing sexual relationship can be fun, exciting and hot!

Despite this, there’s plenty of silly myths about sex toys, so today I’m going to bust these myths and make room for more sex toy fun in your relationship.

Myth #1 Sex Toys Replace A Penis

This is a load of crap!

If your partner wants to introduce a sex toy into the bedroom, it’s not because the resident penis (if there is one) isn’t good enough.

Sex toys are for more than just vaginal penetration. You can use sex toys anally, vaginally, or use them to stimulate the clitoris or any of the other erogenous zones while simultaneously using a penis.

There are so many uses for sex toys and they’re definitely not there to replace a penis.

Penis owners may need to just get over any insecurity and be open to having another pleasurable addition in the bedroom.

Myth #2 Sex toys are there because sex isn’t good enough

Get over the false idea that the sex toy is there because your existing sex life isn’t good enough!

Sex toys add to sex and make it even more fun, exciting and stimulating.

Think of a sex toy as an add-on and enjoy how it can spice up an already amazing sex life.

Saying that, if your sex life is a little dull, introducing a sex toy can definitely ignite some hotness into your sex and make things more interesting and sexy!

Myth #3 If you need a vibrator to have an orgasm, there’s something wrong with you

This is a ridiculous myth that needs knocking on the head.

Many of us enjoy using a vibrator during sex because it helps with reaching climax

It’s ok to use and introduce a vibrator into the bedroom and if you or your partner(s) need it to reach orgasm, then there is NOTHING wrong with with any of you!

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